Want To Avoid Budget Surprises While Home Building?

You spend a large part of your life savings Which is why it only seems right that you plan it in advance, as budgeting before construction helps save a lot later.

Differentiating Carpet, Built-Up and Super Built-Up Areas

In India, the area of your home can be measured by carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area. It is important for home builders to understand these terms to make informed decisions.

Are You Selecting The Right Plot For Your Home?

In the journey to building your new home, the first step you will take is selecting the plot. It’s a decision that should be taken with care because once you purchase the plot, you cannot reverse your decision. We’ve curated a few tips to help you select the right plot to build a house.

4 Crucial Tips For Supervising Plastering

Plastering the walls of your home gives them a smooth finish on which paint can be easily applied. It also protects your home from changes in the weather. Here are 4 critical tips when plastering your home.

5 Must-Have Documents To Avoid Legal Hassles Later

Buying your plot is the first big step towards building a house. It’s best to ensure you have all the necessary documentation in place before starting your home’s construction, to avoid running into legal troubles later.

Is Your Home’s Construction In The Right Hands?

You can’t build a home alone. You need a capable team of experts - architect, engineer, contractor and mason - to help you. How good your house turns out, depends on how well you have chosen this team.

Is Your Cement Losing Its Quality Because You're Storing It Wrong?

Nobody wants to see cracks in their newly built home. Fractures usually start to develop in the concrete after it sets. However, did you know that Concrete Curing can help you avoid the formation of cracks? Let's see what Curing is and how you can use it to prevent

Importance of Waterproofing for the Protection of Your Home | UltraTech

This article will help you understand the importance of waterproofing & which areas of your home need it crucially to protect the home against water seepage.

Tips To Help You Plan Your Home's Plumbing

Plumbing is an important aspect of your home as it ensures steady circulation of water to and from your kitchen, bathro...

4 Must Do's When Supervising Foundation Work

The strength of your home depends on the strength of its foundation. Which is why, when you build a house, it is so important to ensure that the foundation work is done correctly. Here are the top tips.

Why You Need A Good Structural Engineer To Build A Durable Home

Your home is one of your life's biggest undertakings and its longevity is determined by its durability. A structural engineer can ensure that you build a home that lasts for generations to come. By not hiring a structural engineer, you are taking a chance on your home's longevity

5 Important Safety Measures For Your Home's Construction Site

When it comes to the construction of your home, there is a lot to think about, right from planning to finishing. But as you go along the process of construction, safety is one thing that you can't compromise on at all. Be it the safety of the structure, the construction team, the supervisors, or anyone else present on site.

Here's Why You Should Hire A Contractor For The Construction Of Your Home

PROJECT SUPERVISION : While the masons and workers lay every brick and tile, it is the contractor's guidance that shapes your home. The contractor should be in sync with the work happening on-site and be aware of every small change and development.

How To Choose The Right Exterior Paint Colours For Your Home

One of the most exciting steps in your home-building journey is the selection of colours for your home. The colours you choose will largely determine the visual appeal of your home. And there are many factors that affect the choice and perception of exterior home paint colours. So we bring you a few tips to keep in mind, so that you can get your colours just right.

Build a strong roof in just 6 steps

The roof is an important part of your home, which protects it from external wind, water and sunlight. This is why its important to build a resilient roof that can withstand these factors. While there are various types of roofs, RCC roofing is generally used in our country .Here are the steps involved in the roof-building process of this type.

The Stages Of A New Home's Construction

Building a home of one’s own is one of the biggest decisions in life. Your home is your identity. Thus, it's essential to understand all the stages of home building, so that you can efficiently plan and track your new home's construction.

A Step By Step Guide To Home Waterproofing

If your home’s construction is taking place during the rains, make sure that you cover the cement stack either with a tarpaulin or plastic covering.

Purchasing Land? Don’t Forget To Check These Things.

Buying land for building your home is an irreversible decision. What this means is that once you make this purchase, it becomes a commitment that you cannot undo or have to face a lot of trouble to undo

How Anti-Termite Treatment is Done To Make Your Home Safe?

Termites often become a problem when you build a home. Click here to understand how important to do anti-termite treatment before you start building a house.

Want An Easy Fix For Loose Or Broken Tiles?

Over the course of time, your home tiles begin to loosen and crack. This is an indication that the mortar or cement that binds the tiles to the walls or floors, has weakened.

Are You Choosing Only The Best Bricks For Your House?

Strong bricks make strong walls, resulting in better structural strength when you’re building a house...

3 Reasons Why Plastering Your Walls is Important | UltraTech Cement

Building a home? It's very important to do the plastering. Click here to find out the importance of the wall plastering during your home's construction.

Tips To Help You Reduce Your Home Building Costs | UltraTech Cement

Wondering what is the cheapest way to build a house? This article will help you to reduce the cost at the design stage and cut down the material costs.

How To Find The Right Steel To Make A Home That Here’s The Right Way Lasts Longer

Using the right quality steel, improves the quality of construction and makes your home more durable. Here are a few steps to ensure that you're buying the right steel when you’re building a house.

Are You Inviting Cracks Into Your Home Through Improper Curing?

Nobody wants to see cracks in their newly built home. Fractures usually start to develop in the concrete after it sets. However, did you know that Concrete Curing can help you avoid the formation of cracks? Let's see what Curing is and how you can use it to prevent

The Stages Of A New Home's Construction

Building a home of one’s own is one of the biggest decisions in life. Your home is your identity. Thus, it's essential to understand all the stages of home building, so that you can effi...

Your Home Needs A Good Design: The Role Of An Architect Explained

It is very important to understand the difference between a contractor and an architect. Who is an architect? Simply put, an architect is in charge of the design of your whole home. An...

Guide to Choose Sand for Your Home | Manufactured Sand | UltraTech

Manufactured sand (M Sand) is a better option than river sand for your home’s construction as it has fewer impurities & other benefits. Know more here.

Choosing the Best Cement For Your House Construction | UltraTech

Choosing the best cement for your house construction plays a crucial role as it will help building strong home and give long lasting impact. Know more here.

Here why you shouldn't use sea and desert sand to build your home

Never use sea or desert sand to build your home. These sands have a glossy, shiny look but they are too fine and rounded. Using this kind of sand can weaken the structure. Moreover, sea sand has salt in it which is bad for steel and plaster.

How to Choose Floor Tiles for Every Room of Your Home? | UltraTech

Wondering how to choose the perfect floor tiles for your home? This article will guide & help you for selecting the tiles & get the flooring done properly.

A Quick Guide To Estimating The Cost Of Building Your Home

Any construction project needs its fair share of masons at the site as a chunk of getting your home construction done on time will depend on the efficiency of the masons. There are three mai...

Five Ways You Can Save Money During Home-Building

Here are some tips to help you save costs during the process of building your home.

Track Your Budget And Save On Costs Heres How

Your biggest concern, before and during the building of your home will be managing the budget. One of the most widely used methods to keep a check on your budget is to use a budget tracker. ...

Which Documents To Check Before Buying a Land? | UltraTech Cement

Before buying a land always ensure that you ask for all the relevant documents. Click here & know which all documents you should check while buying a land.

Understanding The Various Stages Of Construction

In the planning stage, it is important to get a good idea of the many stages of construction. Keeping these stages in mind will allow a home builder to better plan both the home and the finances....

How To Avoid Loose Door And Window Frames

The doors and windows of your home are some of the finishing touches to its overall structure. Once you have reached this stage, you are almost done building your home so remember these ...

Technique of Rainwater Harvesting for Home Through a Recharge Pit

Searching steps for an efficient rainwater harvesting system? Click here to find the technique of collecting rainwater through a recharge pit for your home.

Want To Avoid Safety Hazards During Electrical Work?

Electrical work is one of the final stages in your home's construction. However, during this stage you need to take special care as mishaps can lead to serious problems and safety hazards....

Use These Tips To Get The Best Results After Painting

One of the final stages during the construction of your home is the painting stage. The paint you choose will bring out your home's beauty and aesthetic. While paint can be replaced and r...

The Right Way To Install RCC Footings For A Strong Home

Your home must remain sturdy for years to come as it will house your future generations as well. To achieve this, it needs a strong foundation and the best way to strengthen a foundation is with RC...

Can Excavation Affect Home Strength?

The excavation of a plot is done before laying the foundation for a home. Foundation transfers the weight of your home’s structure to the strong soil below foundation. If the excavation work ...

How To Get Your Home's Plastering Done

Do these 5 things to avoid plastering problemsThere are a few problems that may occur on a wall's surface after plastering: cracks and efflorescence or white patches. These can often damage t...

Are You Taking The Right Steps For Perfect Concrete Finishing?

Concrete finishing is important to smoothen the concrete and give your structure a uniform surface. Here's a look at the three important steps for perfect concrete finishing. Step 1:...

Here Is Why Supervision Is Essential When Laying The Foundation

The secret to a strong home lies in a strong foundation. Therefore, it’s essential that you stay vigilant when supervising the laying of the foundation. Unlike the interiors, the foundation, ...

8 Key Safety Measures For A Construction Site | UltraTech

Taking safety measures at your construction site is very important. Check these essential safety regulations at your home construction site for the workers

The Importance Of Doing Curing - Explained

The home you build should be durable. Othewise you will waste a lot of money and time on repairs and renovation. Ugly cracks are a sign of a poorly built home. When concrete loses water at a...

Termite Control and Anti-Termite Treatment Importance - UltraTech

Anti-Termite treatment on wood plays important role in reducing substantial damage caused to the structure by pests. Learn more about termite control here.

Choosing the Right Type of High Carbon Steel

Like cement, sand and concrete, steel is a vital ingredient in building your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing steel. Buy your steel from reputed companies and check...

Why Your Home Needs Both An Architect And Engineer

Architects and engineers have different roles however, both of them are equally important, especially during the planning and supervision stage of building your home. Let's understand what the...

The Importance Of A Signed Agreement With Your Contractor

The best method to ensure accountabillity from your contractor is to make him sign an agreement. If the contractor sticks to his timelines and delivers on time, you will stay within your budget. Mo...

A Quick Guide To The Different Types of Brick Masonry | UltraTech

Understand the types of masons & masonry work like brick masonry, block masonry for optimum efficiency. This will also help you to assign work accordingly.

What Is the Best Process for an Anti-Termite Treatment? | UltraTech

An anti-termite chemical or insecticide treatment is done to keep wooden structures in your home safe from termites. Check out its importance & steps to do it.

Are You Financially Ready to Build a Home?

When it comes to building a home, everything boils down to finances. To get your finances right, you need to ensure you know and understand the changing needs of your family. This will give you a starting point to help plan your home building journey better, and ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with any hiccups along the way.

Are concrete blocks better than clay bricks?

While clay bricks are commonly used in construction, concrete blocks can help you save money while building your home. Clay bricks are 2 ½ to 3 times stronger than the concrete bricks. It is important to note that the strength of a brick wall depends on the quality of the mortar holding the blocks together. Here are four reasons why you should consider concrete blocks over bricks.

Dont want plumbing to ruin the aesthetic of your home?

Concealing the pipes and wires into the wall is an important thing to do while building your home. It keeps the look and finish of your home intact, making it modern, and livable for the family. Here's a step-by-step guide to conceal piping in the walls of your home.

The 101 Guide to Fixing Tiles

Tile Installation and fixing is an arduous , and requires precautionary steps. Here is a checklist of safety measure needed for the tiling process.

Build a Concrete Staircase in just 6 simple steps

Building a concrete staircase requires just six simple steps. Let's have a look at how it is done.

Is Your Home Well-Insulated?

roper insulation protects a home from exterior heat, cold and sound. It also saves electricity and creates a cozy environment in your home. Here are four types of insulation practices you should follow to maintain ideal temperature levels.

How to make a green home

Making your home a green home has now become an important part of the home building process. It takes into consideration the home's environmental impact from the perspective of design, construction, maintenance, and use.

All you need to know about building basement

While building a home, you can get extra space below the surface by building a basement.

Understanding a Title Deed

When it comes to land and property, basic knowledge of technical documents is necessary, so that you can go about your purchase process seamlessly.

How to ensure ventilation in your home

Proper ventilation is essential for any home. This helps improve airflow, which keeps dampness in check and stops fungus from spreading. It keeps the house odour free, and members of the house in good health.

6 steps in which layout marking is done

A layout indicates where a structure needs to be placed on your plot. The process of constructing a home begins with layout marking. If not paid attention to, then your home might differ from the plan.