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7 Simple Vastu Tips For The Bedroom

The bedroom is a person’s safe haven in the house, one where they relax and rejoice in their free time. A space meant for respite and relaxation is a safe space that is very personal and special to an individual and this requires the radiation of the right energies to ensure a positive and peaceful environment. This is where Vastu shastra comes into play. The right Vastu Shastra for bedroom is extremely important to make it a safe space that radiates positive energy so that an individual feels at peace.


Importance Of Building Your Bedroom According To Vastu Shastra


People try to design their houses in a way that allows them to feel at home and the bedroom with the right Vastu determines how they would feel at the end of a long and tiring day when they finally get a chance to rest. Not only this, our bedrooms provide us with a much-needed space away from the world where we also might do a lot of things like work, write, indulge in our hobbies, etc. The right Vastu Shastra for the bedroom is a significant determining factor not only in the kind of energy that persists in the room but also in our health, wealth, and success.

Master Bedroom As Per Vastu


Direction: As per master bedroom Vastu tips, it is recommended that the bedroom is in the southwest direction.


Position of the main door: It is suggested by the master bedroom vastu guidelines that the bedroom door opens at 90 degrees, doesn’t make any creaking noise while opening or closing, and is situated in either east, west, or north direction.


Placement of the bed: The principles of Vastu according to master bedroom Vastu tips recommend placing the bed in either the south or west direction so that the legs are in the north or east direction. It should be in the center of the room instead of a corner.


Colour: The ideal colours for the master bedroom according to master bedroom Vastu guidelines are grey, green, rose, and blue , Ivory or light color


Wardrobe placement: The wardrobe should be placed in either, the west, south-west, or south direction as these directions radiate positive energy according to master bedroom Vastu tips.


Decor: It is recommended that the wall be decked with serene paintings of the landscapes or ocean and any paintings that depict violence should be avoided as per the guidelines of master bedroom Vastu.

Simple Vastu Tips For The Bedroom

Bedroom Direction


  • The ideal bedroom direction as per Vastu is the north direction as it is said to bring career related success.
  • The west direction is also a good direction for the bedroom as it invites wealth according to Vastu tips for the bedroom.
  • Refrain from placing the bedroom in the center, northeast and southeast directions of the house.

Bed direction, shape, and, position as per Vastu:


  • The ideal bed direction as per Vastu is the southwest direction of the room.
  • The bed should be made of wood and it should either be in a square or rectangular shape.
  • The bed shouldn’t be placed directly under a beam.
  • The bed should be in the center of the room and not too close to the walls as recommended by Vastu for bed directions.

Sleeping direction as per Vastu:


It is recommended that when you sleep, your head should be facing the south or east direction and your legs in the north or west direction. This is how your body absorbs positive energy. Never sleep with your head in the north direction.

Placement of mirrors, wardrobes, and dressers:

  • Your wardrobe should be placed in the southwest direction of the bedroom ensuring that the door opens to the north or east direction.
  • The placement of the mirror should be in the north or east direction. It should never face the bed as it’s not considered auspicious to have a reflection of your sleeping self.
  • The valuables should be placed in the north direction as that is where the lord of wealth resides.
  • Your room should be free of any clutter as a cluttered room obstructs the flow of energy.
  • The dresser should be placed next to the bed.

Bedroom Ceiling:


  • Refrain from designing an asymmetrical or sloped ceiling as they bring in mental stress and sleeplessness. 
  • It is recommended that the height of the ceiling be 10-12 feet as they give enough space for positive energy to flow. 
  • Ceilings should be of light shades as dark coloured ceilings invite bad luck and hurdles. 
  • Ceilings should not adorn any decor like chandeliers or designs, they ideally should be plain with three lines in a rectangular or square pattern towards the center of the house. 

Balcony in the bedroom:


  • The balcony should ideally be built in the north, northeast or east direction.
  • The walls of the balcony should meet at 90 degrees.
  • The northeast part of the balcony should involve low seating with floral or wavy prints as this ensures easy flow of solar energy which helps in lighting up the room attached to it.

Colour of the bedroom:

  • The colour of your bedroom should consist of soft and light shades.
  • The ideal colours for the room are off-white, cream, grey, pink and blue.
  • A light and vibrant colour in the room ensures a lively and stress free environment of the room and also can bring a change in mood.
  • You should refrain from using dark shades in your room as they are said to bring in negative energy and vibration.


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Now that you are well aware of the right Vastu for your bedroom, fill your sacred space with positive and serene vibrations and make it your abode.

Apart from your bedroom, your washroom is also somewhere where you spend a significant amount of time and where a lot of your thinking happens. Make sure that it's a pleasant space to be in by constructing it with the right Vastu. Read more about Vastu for washrooms.

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