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Kitchen Vastu Tips for improved health, wealth, and overall well-being

A kitchen is a place where one of the 5 elements of nature, fire resides. Correct kitchen Vastu placement is of utmost importance to reap the benefits of this element, otherwise, the kitchen could become prone to accidents.


Importance Of Building Kitchen According To Vastu


The kitchen is considered to be the most sacred room in the house after the puja room since Maa Annapurna, the goddess of nutrition and food, resides here. The kitchen is where we prepare our daily meals, the meals that give us the energy to accomplish our daily tasks, satisfy our basic need of hunger, and keep us healthy and fit.


‘Appropriate kitchen Vastu placement ensures a healthy life with a positive atmosphere by keeping the negative energies at bay which invite illnesses. A kitchen not built according to vastu has been found to invite financial burden, illnesses, family disputes, etc.

Kitchen Vastu Tips And Guidelines

Placement Of The Kitchen :


  • According to the kitchen Vastu tips, the southeast direction of the house is the zone of the fire element, hence, that is the best place to build the kitchen.
  • The ideal kitchen Vastu direction is the northwest direction.
  • The north, northeast, and southwest directions need to be avoided for the placement of the kitchen as they are not considered fit for kitchen direction as per Vastu.
  • Refrain from placing the bathroom and the kitchen together as it is considered a Vastu defect.   

Entrance :


  • Appropriate kitchen Vastu tips suggest that the entrance is in the west or north direction. This is considered as the most auspicious direction for the kitchen entrance. In case, these directions are unavailable, the south-eastern direction can also be used.

Gas Stove :


  • Vastu tips for the kitchen suggest the gas stove be placed in the southeast direction of the kitchen.
  • The gas stove should be placed in such a manner that you face the east while cooking.

Doors And Windows :


  • There should ideally be only one direction for entrance in the kitchen and two doors opposite each other should never be built. If there are two doors, then the one facing north or west is the one that should be kept open and the other one in the opposite directions should be kept closed.
  • As per the right kitchen Vastu, the kitchen door should open in a clockwise direction so as to invite prosperity and prosperity. A door in an anticlockwise direction brings in slow progress and delayed results.
  • Having a window is extremely important as it facilitates the flow of positive energies as well as allows adequate ventilation and illumination in the kitchen.
  • Windows should be placed on the eastern or southern side of the kitchen so that the rays of sun and wind can enter easily.
  • If there are two windows in the kitchen, then the smaller one should be opposite the bigger one to facilitate cross ventilation.
  • The small window should ideally be built on the southern side or opposite the bigger window.

Kitchen Slab :


  • Vastu Shastra for the kitchen recommends the slab be made of either black marble or stone instead of granite.
  • The colour of the kitchen slab also depends on the direction of the kitchen.
  • If the kitchen is in the east, a green or brown slab is the best.
  • If the kitchen is in the northeast, a yellow slab is ideal.
  • For a kitchen in the south or southeast direction, a brown, maroon, or green slab is recommended by the kitchen Vastu.
  • If the kitchen is in the west, then a grey or yellow slab is ideal.
  • For a kitchen in the north direction, the slab should be of green colour but Vastu suggests refraining from having a kitchen in the north direction.

Kitchen Sink :


  • Ideally, the kitchen sink should be placed in the north or northeast direction.
  • Make sure the sink is not placed parallel to the stove or in the same direction because, according to Vastu, the elements of fire and water oppose each other and if placed together can have negative effects.
  • To negate the harmful effects, Kitchen Vastu tips suggest placing a bone china vase between the sink and stove if built together.

Drinking Water :


  • Appliances for drinking water and utensils should also be placed inside the kitchen as suggested by the appropriate kitchen Vastu.
  • The northeast or the north corner of the house is recommended for placing sources of drinking water by kitchen Vastu tips.
  • They can also be placed in the east corner if the north and northeast are not available.

Kitchen Appliances :


  • Kitchen Vastu tips suggest placing the refrigerator either in the southwest corner of the kitchen or in one of the corners, but never in the northeast corner.
  • The kitchen as per Vastu should never be cluttered, so organize all the utensils neatly in a cabinet in the south or west corners of the kitchen.
  • All the electric appliances of the kitchen should be placed in the southeast corner and the northeast corner should be avoided as it causes malfunctioning of these appliances.

Colour Of The Kitchen :


  • Kitchen Vastu tips recommend light colors for the kitchen.
  • Colours like red, light pink, orange, and green can also be used as kitchen colours as per Vastu.
  • Refrain from using dark colours as they make the kitchen and its environment gloomy.


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The aforementioned are all the tips you need to know to build a Vastu friendly kitchen and evoke positive vibes and keep yourself and all the members of the family fit and healthy.

The Puja room is another auspicious part of the house and requires your utmost attention to create an environment of serenity and peace in your house. Read more about the Vastu for puja room.

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