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Top 5 Low Cost Home Construction Techniques

Are you planning to build your home and worried about the budget? Adequate budget planning can be difficult but don’t be concerned, you can totally build your house on a budget with the right low cost home construction techniques. The cost of constructing a house sometimes makes you put your plans on hold for building your own home. But with the right low budget house construction techniques and guidance, you can build your own home at the cost you are comfortable with.


Key Takeaways


• Apply for pre-approved home loans, keep an emergency fund, and track your budget closely.


• Hiring an experienced contractor ensures strategic, cost-effective execution of your project.


• Using AAC blocks and locally sourced materials can significantly reduce costs without compromising on quality.


• Prioritise safety and don't compromise on material quality, even when aiming for a low-cost house.

The advantage of building a home is that you can design it according to your requirements, but you need to make everything fit into the space that you have. So if you are looking for low cost home construction techniques about how to build a house in low cost in India, you have landed in the right place. 


To build your own home, financial planning is extremely important. You don’t want to be in a situation where your home is incomplete because the finances have gotten out of hand. A sensible approach would be doing your research online, chatting with neighbours, relatives, and friends, and finding out how much they exceeded their initial budget and why. This will help you in planning your budget and ensure adapting low housing techniques while building your home.


Before you start planning a low budget house construction and adding costs to your list, make sure to set aside money for stamp duty and registration charges. No matter the budget these two charges will be applicable, irrespective of your cost-effective construction techniques and home building plan.

How To Build Your House At A Low Cost?

There are a lot of low cost house construction techniques in India to ensure building a budget friendly home. From planning to execution here are five tips to build your house on a low budget and ensure a low cost house construction.

1) Take Pre-approved Home Loans

The first and most important low cost construction method and tips is to plan everything well in advance. Always take a pre-approved home loan. Before you close on a number, don’t forget the interiors. The cost of plumbing, tiling, painting, flooring and furniture will need to be added to your estimate. If you want to get an idea about how much EMI a home loan costs you, you check out our EMI Calculator to plan your loan requirements.  Finally, keep an emergency fund for the expenses you haven’t foreseen.

2) A Trusted Planning Partner

Hiring an experienced contractor will contribute towards keeping your costs in check. Many people are involved in the construction of your home. The owners - you and your family, an engineer - who plans the structural integrity of the home, the architect - who designs the home, the workers and masons - who build your home, and the contractor - who plans and coordinates all the construction activity. While each person plays an integral part in the building of your home, selecting the right person for the job is equally important to ensure the project is completed using the right low cost construction techniques and within the estimated time and budget.

3) Estimate Your Building Cost

Unlike a low cost building construction project, a home building project can be easier to budget, especially with a budget tracker. A budget tracker is a ledger where you keep track of all monetary transactions for a low budget house construction. As part of the tracker, you should note:


a) The initial estimate of the overall cost of the project keeps 10-15% aside as an emergency fund

b) Periodically keep track of your spending against the planned budget to ensure there are no surprise expenses


You can calculate the budget of your expenses while building your home with the Home Construction Cost Calculator. This cost calculator helps you get an approximate budget for your low cost home construction project.

4) AAC Blocks

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks also known as AAC blocks are used for the basement walls and partition walls. As they are made of cement and alumina, they are lightweight which reduces the dead load on the structure thereby reducing the RCC cost. They are also termite resistant, soundproof, and provide natural insulation against heat and cold.

5) Reduce Material Cost

When you think about how to build a house at a low cost, you should buy materials as per requirement, to help reduce wastage and cost. Make sure you source the building materials locally. By sourcing locally, you will bring down the cost of transportation and this will impact your overall home building budget.

How Safe Are Low Cost Houses?

Your biggest concern, before and during the building of your home - are low cost houses safe? The idea of building your house at a low cost is planning so that you don’t end up exceeding your budget. You don’t have to compromise on the quality of materials, always remember quality over quantity.


Below are some low budget house construction ideas that can help you construct your home:


1) It is cheaper to build vertically than horizontally i.e. it’s economical to add another floor to your home rather than building three rooms at the ground level. Utilise your plot well and build vertically instead of horizontally to save costs. For example, build a two-story home with two bedrooms per floor instead of a single-story home with four bedrooms.


2) Keeping a detailed ledger will not only help you keep your expenses in check, but also protect you against any disputes that could arise with the architect, contractor, or engineer in the future.


3) Consider the future needs of your family while designing the house e.g., an extra room for your toddler child when they grow up. Be warned that once your home is built any additions to it will prove expensive.


Lastly, you don’t need to have the lump sum amount with you before starting a low cost home construction. Adjust your cash flow according to each stage, so you don’t end up overshooting your budget before the work is complete.

Ultimately, your home is not just a place to live; it's an investment in your future and well-being. So, while aiming to reduce costs, always keep in mind the importance of safety, durability, and the overall value that your new home will provide. With the right mindset, accurate low cost home construction techniques in India and a well-thought-out plan, you can turn your low budget house construction project into a successful and affordable reality.

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