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Micro Concrete Magic: Applications and Advantages That Will Blow Your Mind!

Micro concrete has the ability to decorate and add to everything from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. It is the key to enhance your surroundings both indoors and outdoors.

Through this article, you will learn everything there is to know about micro concrete, its uses as well as the advantages it offers to help achieve a perfect, polished and pristine look everywhere it is put to use.


What is Micro concrete ?

Micro concrete is a thin layer of cement-based material that can be applied on a variety of surfaces to achieve a desired and decorative finish. It is ideally applied in thin layers with a thickness that ranges from barely 2mm to 3mm.


Micro concrete is made up of cement, water-based resin, additives, mineral pigments and polymers and can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It can be used to refurbish homes or even commercial properties like resorts, restaurants, hotels, factories, industrial buildings and swimming pools.


Due to its wide range of applications, UltraTech Micro Concrete becomes a versatile and ideal option for anyone looking to achieve a classic or contemporary look both indoors and outdoors. The micro cement mixture when applied acts as a protective coating that ensures the durability of any surface it becomes a part of.


Why is Micro concrete a preferred option for many ?

1) It has numerous applications

Micro concrete uses and applications range from kitchen floors to swimming pools. It is an extremely durable and reliable option that can be used on several surfaces to bring a consistent and flawless finish to every surface.

2) It is a pre-packaged mix

One of the perks of using micro concrete is that it comes in a pre-packaged mix. This means that, unlike regular concrete, micro concrete does not require the use of any professional mixing equipment or tools. Micro concrete can be applied by just about any individual (even one with limited to no concrete laying skills) and a smooth and enhanced look can still be achieved through its application.

3) It has a lower water requirement

Micro concrete has several benefits. It can be applied on a variety of surfaces and it is easy to use. But while those factors are highly advantageous, what makes it a product of choice for many isn't either of those benefits.

Its key benefit lies in the fact that it uses a lot less water than traditional concrete. Due to its reduced water requirement, it may be applied at a much lower cost, while still doing an excellent job of fixing concrete cracks or ageing concrete structures.

4) It is a fast-drying option

An additional perk of micro concrete is that it dries quickly and the surfaces on which the micro concrete has been applied can be used without any disruption. This benefit of micro concrete having a quick drying time makes the area it has been applied on fully functional within a day.


How to apply Micro Concrete ?

1. Surface preparation

Micro concrete can only be applied when the surface is dry and free from any grease or dirt. Which is why, prior to its application onto any surface whether concrete or steel, it is essential to ensure that the surface is cleaned. Metal surfaces that succumb to corrosion also need to be cleaned and coated before the application of micro concrete.

2. Mixing

One reason why micro concrete is an ideal choice is because mixing it is significantly easier than conventional concrete. Basis the quantity required, the mixture can be mixed either by hand or with a mixing vessel.

Bear in mind that since micro concrete has a lesser water requirement, it is necessary to adhere to a ratio of 1:8 of water to micro concrete while preparing its mix. Once the water and micro concrete have been added together they need to be stirred gradually and constantly to achieve a serviceable mix.

3. Pouring

Whatever the surface, micro concrete needs to be poured as soon as it has been mixed. The reason why the pouring needs to happen immediately is because waiting for too long could result in the mixture drying up. The mixture is poured quickly to achieve the ideal consistency and flow during application. After the mixture has been poured, relevant tools can be used to smoothen the mixture before it has been left to dry.


What are some advantages of micro concrete ?

  1. Micro concrete does not require heavy machinery for mixing because it has flowable materials and requires no compaction.

  2. It has low permeability and can be applied in both indoor and outdoor areas.

  3. It also contains zero chlorides making it highly durable.

  4. No cracks occur on micro concrete surfaces because it does not shrink.

  5. Micro concrete is also a budget-friendly option as it costs a lot lesser than conventional concrete.

  6. You do not require to be skilled in mixing or laying concrete as it comes in a prepackaged mix, eliminating the chance of human error.

  7. It has a reduced water requirement and must adhere to the fixed 1:8 water cement ratio in concrete for ideal application.


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1.  On what surfaces can micro concrete be applied ?


Micro concrete can be applied on both horizontal and vertical surfaces indoors or outdoors. It is an extremely versatile decorative coating that lends itself to kitchens, stairs, bathrooms and even swimming pools. But do make note that it cannot be applied on wooden surfaces.


2. Is micro concrete waterproof ?


No micro concrete is not waterproof but it is water-resistant. It can achieve water resistance when it is applied alongside a sealant. The sealant enhances the water-resisting properties of the micro concrete, making it both water-resistant and highly durable.


3. What is the ideal thickness of a micro concrete layer ?


Since micro concrete is a decorative coating it is generally applied in thin layers. That being said the ideal thickness of a micro concrete layer is 2mm to 3mm.

To wrap up, micro concrete is a fantastic material due to its versatility, durability, and design flexibility. Whether you're looking to add a sleek, modern touch to your floors, walls, or furniture, or create a unique and artistic design, micro concrete is a great choice. So if you're looking for a material that is both functional and stylish, consider using micro concrete for your next design project!

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