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A Quick Guide to Choosing Tiles For Living Room

Whether you seek a cosy retreat, a chic gathering place, or a blend of both, selecting the right tiles for your living room is pivotal. Let’s explore the various tips on how to select tiles for living rooms and choose the right living room tiles design that suits your house perfectly.


Key Takeaways


• Choose tile size based on living room dimensions for space optimisation.


• Opt for lighter tiles in less sunlit areas to prevent a cramped ambience.


• Prioritize reputable tile brands for quality assurance and trendy designs.


• Pick heavy-duty, anti-scratch tiles for high-traffic living rooms, considering vitrified or ceramic materials.


• Focus on pleasing colours and contemporary patterns to enhance modern aesthetics.


• Select durable tiles requiring minimal upkeep, ensuring long-lasting beauty.

The living room of your house is a space that creates the first impression about the rest of the house. A space this important needs special attention when you are building your home. While many of us give importance to other aspects, we seldom pay attention to the tiles of the living room. Tiles can help create a great impression because they are an understated hero of your interiors. If you are wondering how to select tiles for living rooms, then this guide is for you.

Following are Some Tips on How To Select Tiles for the Living Room

1. Select tiles based on the size of the living room

We often pick tiles without understanding the specifics of the space. The size of the living room must be calculated to figure out how to select tiles for living rooms. If your space is small, it is best to select larger tiles. This always works to make your space look bigger. Also, if your living space is large, then you can go for smaller-sized tiles. 


2. Consider the light in the living room

While the living room is almost always well-lit, there can be certain spaces that don't receive natural light. In such cases, it is best to use tiles that are of a lighter shade. Dark-coloured tiles in living rooms with less sunlight will only make the room dingy

3. Select tiles from a reputed brand

Picking the right living room tiles design should not be a spontaneous decision. Go for a tile brand that is reputed and one that is known for quality products. A tile brand that has been in the industry for years would know the trends as well as will ensure you receive the best tiles for your living room.


4. Consider tile specifics

The living room is one space in the house that receives maximum footfall. You want to consider tiles that are a little more heavy-duty than the rest of the house. Moreover, select tiles that are anti-scratch and anti-stain because this is where most of your family will be hanging out. Also, there are various types of tiles; from vitrified tiles to ceramic tiles, choose the right living room tiles design for your space depending on your lifestyle.


5. Select the right colour & pattern

The living room is where most of your time will be spent when at home. It’s where you will be catching up on movies, chilling with your friends, and hosting guests, so you want to make sure you pick tiles that boast pleasing colours and patterns.  Consider modern tiles for the living room, preferably with a neutral colour that complements your furniture and a contemporary pattern that enhances the overall modern aesthetic of the space. 


6. Check for durability & maintenance

Floor tiles for the living room require good care and maintenance. Consider picking tiles that are durable and easy to maintain especially when looking for living room tiles design. You don’t want to see cracks in your floor tiles within no time, so it’s important to pick tiles that last longer and are also easy to clean.


These are some of the many tips on how to select tiles for living rooms. Whether you are moving to a new space or are doing up your house, these tips will help you liven up your living room. To make it easier, we also have this short video on How To Select The Right Tiles For Your Home.

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