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6 Vastu Tips For Pooja Room To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit word that refers to the ‘science of architecture. It includes all types of architectural and design ideas like space, arrangement, layout, measurements, etc. Vastu of a home plays a significant role in bringing positive energy.


Vastu For Pooja Room As Per Vastu Experts


Vastu for puja room is even more important as it determines the aura and Vastu of the whole house. Vastu experts emphasize the puja room of the house is a center of positive energy and vibrations in the house and this is why Vastu for pooja room is extremely important to be kept in mind when building your home.

Importance Of Vastu For Pooja Room


 Puja room acts as the epicenter of positive and serene energies in a house as it radiates divine energy due to the presence of deities in your home. Assigning a separate space that is purely for deities i.e. a puja room, no matter how big or small is very crucial for your home and the right Vastu plays a significant role in bringing in calm, positive energy and determining which kind of energy radiates in your home.


A puja room not only helps in radiating good vibes in the house but also helps in connecting you to divine energies. The Vastu should be perfect to eliminate negative energy and fill your home with happiness and positivity.

Vastu Tips For Pooja Room

Following are some tips to help you make your home a hub of positive and divine energy with the right Vastu for pooja room according to the principles of Vastu shastra:


  • 1. Positioning Of The Puja Room:


According to the Vastu for pooja room, each direction that is suggested for the positioning of the puja room signifies and represents something special which is why the positioning of the puja room is the most important part of Vastu for the puja room.


  • North East is considered the best pooja room direction as it is considered the zone of lord shiva and hence, is the most auspicious. This is followed by either east or north. Vastu for pooja room facing the south is considered inauspicious.
  • Refrain from positioning your puja room under the stairs or near a washroom as these places are considered inauspicious for a puja room.
  • Ensure that the puja room is not placed on the ground floor or a higher floor as they are not considered the best places for the room according to Vastu.
  • The door and windows of the puja room should open towards the north or east.
  • In the puja room, a pyramid-shaped ceiling is recommended for positive vibrations according to puja room vastu.
  • Pooja room vastu for east facing houses suggests that the pooja room be in either the north or east corner.

  1. 2. Placement Of Idols Or Gods :


  • Idols in the puja room should not be facing each other and should not be close to the wall, according to the Vastu for pooja room.


  • The idols should be placed in the northeast direction.
  • Ensure that all the idols face in one direction and are not facing the door.
  • The idols should not be resting on the walls to ensure enough airflow around them.
  • The idols should be placed at least 6 inches away from the ground as recommended by tips for Vastu for pooja room
  • Refrain from putting pictures of the deceased or images depicting violence in the room.
  • Ensure that the structures of idols are not chipped or broken.
  • The positioning of lamps should be in the southeast direction.

  1. 3. Placement of holy objects:


  • The puja room for any other storage purpose other than the storage of holy objects and other puja room objects. There shouldn’t be any clutter in the room.
  • No item should ever be placed above the idols.
  • Lamp and Agni Kund should be placed in the southeast direction.

  1. 4. Placement Of Cabinets In The Puja Room:


  • The placement of any cabinets in the puja room should be in the southeast direction to ensure that there is no blocking of sunlight according to Vastu for pooja room.
  • You can build a pyramid-shaped tower or cabinets for storage of puja items as it radiates positive vibrations.
  • The puja room as per vastu shoud not have cabinets built above the idols.

  1. 5. Colour Of The Puja Room:
  • Light colours are best for the room as they radiate positive vibrations and are ideal for worshipping and praying.
  • Cream colour is the ideal colour for the puja room.
  • Colours like light blue, white, and light yellow create a calm and meditative environment.
  • For a puja room in the northeast direction, white is the ideal colour.


  1. 6. Lighting In The Puja Room:


  • It is important to have at least one window in the puja room to keep the room well-lit during the day. This also allows positive energy and vibration of the sun to flow freely as per the Vastu for pooja room.
  • Ensure that the room is well-lit even after sunset. Insert a light in the puja room or put a lamp to ensure adequate illumination.


 The puja room is very holy and positioning it according to Vastu principles ensures a home filled with happiness. Follow all these Vastu tips for puja room to boost positive energy in your home and ensure that negative energy has no place in your holy and happy home.

Regulate the energy that enters your home through the correct positioning of the main door of your home and protect your home from negative energy.

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