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Tips To Select The Perfect Plot As Per Vastu

If you are looking at purchasing a plot anytime soon and are on the lookout for the perfect Vastu for plots, then we’ve got you covered.


How To Select The Perfect Plot As Per Vastu?

When you are selecting a plot of land to purchase as a residential space or a commercial space, it is important to do the land selection according to Vastu. This is because the plot of land is a fixed form which will not move, so you want to make sure it exudes positive vibes and strays away from negative energy. Vastu Shastra for home is different from plot Vastu. So, in case you are worried whether you got the right plot or not, this read will help you understand everything in detail.


First and foremost, understand the Vastu guidelines that should be followed before buying a plot. There are three essential tips to remember within this segment:

Plot Direction

Plot Direction :


  •  Your plot of land must be peaceful, calm and with lots of greenery around it to radiate positivity. The fertile soil is an indication of good soil around the plot. Before going ahead with the plot Vastu, it is best to stand on the piece of land and feel the vibrations. You must feel positive while you are there. Any sort of toxic or negative thoughts should be shunned.

Site orientation :

One of the most important aspects of land selection according to Vastu is the site orientation. Vastu guidelines are based on scientific reasoning and logic. In any city, there houses/apartments on the both sides of the road and the city looks more aesthetic when there are houses in all four directions. Hence, according to plot Vastu, all four directions are considered to be good. East facing is good for scholars, priests, philosophers, professors, North facing is good for those in power, administration, South facing is good for business class and those who work at the management level whereas West facing is more suitable for those who provide supporting services to the society.

Site Soil

Site Soil :


  • Before beginning the different stages of house construction, it is important to check the previous use of the land. It is best to pick a plot that is most suitable for cultivation as that is the most fertile soil. Generally, the soil that is good for cultivation is also good for the foundation of the building. Whereas black soil is not good for cultivation as well as buildings as it retains water and can cause dampness to the foundation. Also avoid rocky piece of land for construction. Land with lots of worms should be avoided too as this indicates the soil is very loose.

Road Placement

Road Placement :

The next step is to consider the road placement around the plot. Below are a few indicators:


Good Site :

  • Road coming from the east to the north-east part of the plot.
  • Road coming from the north and hitting the north-east part of the plot.


Average Site :

  • Road coming from the west and hitting the north-west part of the plot.
  • Road coming from the south and hitting the south-east part of the plot.


Bad Site :

  • Road coming from the west and hitting the south-west part of the plot.
  • Road coming from the east and hitting the south-east part of the plot.
  • Road coming from the north and hitting the north-west part of the plot.
  • Road coming from the south and hitting the south-west part of the plot.

Shape of the plot

Shape of the plot :


The other important aspect of plot Vastu is the shape of the plot or land selected. Below are the four most common shapes :


  • Square plot : A plot with equal length and width is considered to be the most ideal site for construction. As per Vastu, it ensures all-round growth, prosperity and happiness. In ancient times, houses were designed around a central square courtyard, for better ventilation and it was considered to be the most suitable.
  • Rectangular plot : A plot having the length and width in the 1:2 ratio is considered to be a good land selection according to Vastu. If the length faces north and width faces west it is considered to be most suitable. Such plots bestow good health, wealth and prosperity.


  • Triangular plot : A triangular shaped plot is not good. Such sites are prone to fire and damage according to Vastu.


  • Oval shaped plot : Such shapes are not considered to be good for construction of houses. According to Vastu, such plots would bring bad luck to the owners.

Uniformity of the plot :


One should also note the uniformity of the plot before land selection, according to Vastu :


If you are looking at plot Vastu for residential purposes, then make sure it is a flat piece of land. In case, if the plot bears slants then it tends to be propitious when it comes with a slope towards south-west or north-east. In case the slope is to the west, it marks incongruity among the members of the family and may cause health hazards.


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These are a few Vastu tips to ensure your plot is blessed with success and happiness. Keep these in mind before you buy a plot or go for land selection according to Vastu. Before you end up calculating the cost estimate of building a house and finalize the plot Vastu, it is best to understand the legal requirements of buying a plot. You can understand that in detail in our article : Documents Required for Land Purchase

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