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Be wise, protect strength from dampness

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UltraTech Weather Plus

Dampness is the number one enemy of your home's strength. It is capable of entering all parts of your home, including the roof, walls, and foundation. It hollows out and weakens the structure of your home from the inside, reducing its life. When dampness enters your home, it spreads quickly and is impossible to eradicate. To protect the strength of your home from dampness, it is critical to construct the entire structure with UltraTech Weather Plus. UltraTech Weather Plus repels water effectively and protects your home from dampness.

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UltraTech Weather Plus cement is a water repellent that effectively repels water and offers superior protection from dampness, thus safeguarding the strength of your home.


 Keep your home strong and durable with UltraTech Weather Plus

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Why Your Home Needs Protection From Dampness?

• Dampness is one of the biggest threats to the strength of your home


• Dampness can enter your home through the roof, external walls, and even from the foundation and weaken its structure from within

• It is impossible to eliminate dampness once it enters your home


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Frequently Asked Questions About UltraTech Weather Plus

Unwanted moisture that enters the structure of your home is termed dampness. Dampness puts the structure of your home in danger by weakening it from the inside. The spread of dampness is swift and rapid once it makes its way inside your house. The structure of your house suffers due to dampness, thereby causing a reduction in its life by eventually turning the dampness into water seepage. 

Dampness can enter through any part of your home, the roof, walls, or even the floor. Once it enters, it spreads rapidly. Dampness can find its way to your home even from the foundation below the ground.

Dampness causes corrosion of steel in RCC leading to crack formation and deteriorating the strength of the structure of your home. It also causes structural damage by making the structure weak from the inside. Unfortunately, the damage has already been caused by the time dampness is visible.

Dampness hollows and weakens your home's structure, jeopardising its structural integrity and durability. Once it enters, it is very difficult to get rid of. The thin, protective coating of waterproofing treatment, paint, or distemper peels off quickly and is only a temporary solution. Replastering and repainting are only short-term fixes. As a result, it is advisable to use a preventative measure to safeguard your home from dampness.

Dampness can enter your home from anywhere, the floor, roof, walls, even the foundation. Therefore, you should have your complete home built with UltraTech Weather Plus to protect the strength and durability of your home from dampness. It repels water and provides greater protection against dampness entering your home, maintaining its structural integrity.

UltraTech Weather Plus has been specially designed to fill tiny holes in the concrete to break the interconnectivity of capillaries and improve water repellency and make your home strong and durable by offering enhanced protection against dampness.

UltraTech Weather Plus comes in a tamper-proof bag to ensure no loss of cement during transportation and storage. These bags are also supremely helpful in preserving the qualities of cement for longer durations and allowing it to be fit for use always. 

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