Storage of Cement Explained - How to Store Cement? | UltraTech

Cement is one of the most important building materials. It must be carefully stored in a dry place, since it can get spoiled by exposure to moisture. Here is what you need to know for proper cement storage.

Construction care in winter.

While planning your home's construction, it is very important to keep the changing weather in mind. While winter is supposed to be one of the most favorable seasons for building a home, let's understand a few important things about construction in the winter season.

How To Build A Roof Of A House? [6 Easy Steps] | UltraTech

The roof is an important part of your home, which protects it from external wind, water and sunlight. This is why its important to build a resilient roof that can withstand these factors. While there are various types of roofs, RCC roofing is generally used in our country .Here are the steps involved in the roof-building process of this type.

Concrete Blocks Vs Clay Bricks | UltraTech Cement

While clay bricks are commonly used in construction, concrete blocks can help you save money while building your home. Clay bricks are 2 ½ to 3 times stronger than the concrete bricks. It is important to note that the strength of a brick wall depends on the quality of the mortar holding the blocks together. Here are four reasons why you should consider concrete blocks over bricks.

Storage of Cement: Storing Cement at Site Explained | UltraTech

Nobody wants to see cracks in their newly built home. Fractures usually start to develop in the concrete after it sets. However, did you know that Concrete Curing can help you avoid the formation of cracks? Let's see what Curing is and how you can use it to prevent

6 Common Waterproofing Mistakes You Should Avoid | UltraTech

To waterproof your home, you need to ensure that the roof, walls and windows are sealed and that water can't penetrate from any angle. If water proofing is not done properly, then dampness can enter your home, and quickly become the biggest threat to your home's strength. Let's understand a few common waterproofing mistakes to avoid during construction.

6 Expert Tips to Choose Paint Colour for Your Home Exterior | UltraTech

One of the most exciting steps in your home-building journey is the selection of colours for your home. The colours you choose will largely determine the visual appeal of your home. And there are many factors that affect the choice and perception of exterior home paint colours. So we bring you a few tips to keep in mind, so that you can get your colours just right.

Brick Test: How To Check Brick Quality at Site? | UltraTech

Strong bricks make strong walls, resulting in better structural strength when you’re building a house...

Steel Bars: How To Select Steel Rods For Construction? | UltraTech

Using the right quality steel, improves the quality of construction and makes your home more durable. Here are a few steps to ensure that you're buying the right steel when you’re building a house.

3 Advantages of Plastering Your Walls | UltraTech

When you build a house, once the basic structure is complete, your team will begin working on the walls, flooring and the roof. These often have uneven surfaces that need to be made smooth; this is done through a process of plastering.

Types of Sand Used in Construction | UltraTech

Manufactured sand (M Sand) is a better option than river sand for your home’s construction as it has fewer impurities & other benefits. Know more here.

Which Cement is Best for House Construction? UltraTech

Choosing the best cement for your house construction plays a crucial role as it will help building strong home and give long lasting impact. Know more here.

Why Sea & Desert Sand Not Used For Construction? | UltraTech

Never use sea or desert sand to build your home. These sands have a glossy, shiny look but they are too fine and rounded. Using this kind of sand can weaken the structure. Moreover, sea sand has salt in it which is bad for steel and plaster.

Tips To Select Floor Tiles For Your Home

Learn How To Choose Floor Tiles For Your Home | UltraTech

Wondering how to choose the perfect floor tiles for your home? This article will guide & help you for selecting the tiles & get the flooring done properly.

How to Do Window and Door Installation of Home | UltraTech

The doors and windows of your home are some of the finishing touches to its overall structure. Once you have reached this stage, you are almost done building your home so remember these ...

5 Steps To Install RCC Column Footing For Your Foundation | UltraTech

Your home must remain sturdy for years to come as it will house your future generations as well. To achieve this, it needs a strong foundation and the best way to strengthen a foundation is with RC...

Choosing the Right Type of High Carbon Steel

Like cement, sand and concrete, steel is a vital ingredient in building your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing steel. Buy your steel from reputed companies and check...

Types of Masonry Work in Construction | UltraTech

Understand the types of masons & masonry work like brick masonry, block masonry for optimum efficiency. This will also help you to assign work accordingly.

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