One of the most exciting steps in your home-building journey is the selection of colours for your home. The colours you choose will largely determine the visual appeal of your home. And there are many factors that affect the choice and perception of exterior home paint colours. So we bring you a few tips to keep in mind, so that you can get your colours just right.

How To Find The Right Steel To Make A Home That Here’s The Right Way Lasts Longer

Using the right quality steel, improves the quality of construction and makes your home more durable. Here are a few steps to ensure that you're buying the right steel when you’re building a house.

Is Your Cement Losing Its Quality Because You're Storing It Wrong?

Nobody wants to see cracks in their newly built home. Fractures usually start to develop in the concrete after it sets. However, did you know that Concrete Curing can help you avoid the formation of cracks? Let's see what Curing is and how you can use it to prevent

Are You Choosing Only The Best Bricks For Your House?

Strong bricks make strong walls, resulting in better structural strength when you’re building a house...

A quick guide to choose sand for your home

Sand is an essential material used in building your home. Without sand, there can be no concrete, concrete blocks or mortar. River sand is the most commonly used sand for home building. This...

Choosing the Best Cement for your Home

The process of building a home typically includes many stages and in most of these stages, your choice of cement will play a crucial role. There are three main types of cement for constructi...

Here's why you shouldn't use sea & desert sand to build your home

Never use sea or desert sand to build your home. These sands have a glossy, shiny look but they are too fine and rounded. Using this kind of sand can weaken the structure. Moreover, sea sand has sa...

A Quick Guide to Choosing Floor Tiles for Your Home

Wondering how to choose the perfect floor tiles for your home? This article will guide & help you for selecting the tiles & get the flooring done properly.

Choosing the Right Type of High Carbon Steel

Like cement, sand and concrete, steel is a vital ingredient in building your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing steel. Buy your steel from reputed companies and check...

Here's Why You Should Never Skip Plastering Your Walls

When you build a house, once the basic structure is complete, your team will begin working on the walls, flooring and the roof...

Want An Easy Fix For Loose Or Broken Tiles?

Over the course of time, your home tiles begin to loosen and crack. This is an indication that the mortar or cement that binds the tiles to the walls or floors, has weakened.