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Small yet vital jobs can make or break reputation!

Some jobs are small yet critical and demand immediate action. While executing, we are under tremendous pressure of assuring quality, maintaining cleanliness, quickly and with a small team. However, current methods end up creating severe disruptions, delays and discontent, adversely impacting our reputation.


UltraTech Zip enables you to execute small yet vital jobs with great speed, assured quality and finesse, while deploying only a small team. It is available in a ready-to-pour 12 litre buckets and bags delighting your customer and building an enduring reputation.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech ZIP

Technical Specifications of UltraTech ZIP

Assured slump of 80-100 mm after 4 hours

Water seepage can destroy the look and service life of concrete structures due to high water permeability of the concrete used. UltraTech's AquaSeal has developed a self-healing concrete of permeability less than 10 mm. This protects the structural strength of the building from seepage and water ingression.


Segregation resistant mix

Chloride can severely damage concrete leading to cracking, spalling and eventually weakening of the foundation. But, AquaSeal reduces Chloride permeability by 30% and prevents the walls from being severely damaged.


Product design as per requirement

Ordinary concrete brands have products with a high rate of water absorption, but UltraTech’s AquaSeal has a water absorption of less than 1%. Our specialised crystalline technology turns your material into a water resistant barrier.


Application Areas of UltraTech ZIP

Structural repair


Road, bridge and building repair


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