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Common concerns of concrete lead to apprehensions

Choosing site-mix concrete looks cost effective initially but it is susceptible to multiple problems like poor workability, honey-combing, inconsistent strength, cracks & seepage leading to expensive repairs. These problems erode our customers’ trust in our competence and cause irreversible damage to our reputation.


UltraTech Durafacad’s unique mix design incorporates the right blend of admixtures that ensures fast execution, superior finish and great durability. It enables you to deliver great build quality to your customers with complete confidence and enduring reputation.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of Using UltraTech DuraPlus

Technical Specifications of UltraTech DuraPlus

Flowability – 400 to 550 mm

A good concrete is extremely flowable, without any manual or mechanical efforts. A good and highly workable concrete such as DuraPlus can reduce numerous issues, simply by its high workability and free flow.


Reduced water and chloride permeability

Water seepage can destroy the look and service life of concrete structures due to high water permeability of the concrete used. UltraTech's DuraPlus has developed a durable concrete of permeability less than 15 mm. This protects the structural strength of the building from seepage.


Special additives to maintain slump

Chloride can severely damage concrete leading to cracking, spalling and eventually weakening of the foundation. But, DuraPlus reduces rapid Chloride penetration and prevents the walls from being severely damaged.


Application Areas of UltraTech DuraPlus

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