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Fire never gives us the time to respond

Current fire systems are designed to contain fire in visible & easily accessible areas often overlooking the high-risk areas like electrical ducts. Fire can spread rapidly through ducts, without giving us adequate time to respond and evacuate. Loss of life and property due to fire not only poses a huge legal risk but also can destroy our reputation.


UltraTech FireSafe mix design is infused with vermiculite that resists spread of fire. Its fire-resistant property meets the national building code and is certified by CBRI (Central Building Research Institute).


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech FireSafe

Technical Specifications of UltraTech FireSafe

Density 1400 Kg/m3 to 1600 Kg/m3


Use of specialized materials such as vermiculite


Application Areas of UltraTech FireSafe

Utility shafts, plumbing/electrical ducts, service floors


Server rooms or any other fire-prone areas of tall buildings


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