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Seepage is the nemesis of strength and hard earned reputation

Seepage renders the structure hollow, weak and corroded from inside. And is visible only after it has caused irreversible damage to the strength. It makes new projects look worn out and inferior in no time, forcing customers for expensive repairs thus doubting the build quality and our competence.


UltraTech AquaSeal has a unique crystalline technology that gets activated on sensing water in the concrete to form crystals. These crystals effectively seal the micro-cracks & pores in the concrete to restrict the entry of seepage. Building structures with in-built ability to fight seepage is now possible with UltraTech AquaSeal.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of Using UltraTech Aquaseal

Technical Specifications of UltraTech AquaSeal

Water permeability<10 mm (DIN 1048)

Water seepage can destroy the look and service life of concrete structures due to high water permeability of the concrete used. UltraTech's AquaSeal has developed a self-healing concrete of permeability less than 10 mm. This protects the structural strength of the building from seepage and water ingression.


Chloride permeability reduction by 30%

Chloride can severely damage concrete leading to cracking, spalling and eventually weakening of the foundation. But, AquaSeal reduces Chloride permeability by 30% and prevents the walls from being severely damaged.


Water absorption <1% (BS 1881, PT-122-1983)

Ordinary concrete brands have products with a high rate of water absorption, but UltraTech’s AquaSeal has a water absorption of less than 1%. Our specialised crystalline technology turns your material into a water resistant barrier.


Application areas of UltraTech Aquaseal

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