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Aesthetics make or break customer trust

Flooring is one of the most vital aesthetic aspects driving premium of a project. Conventional solutions have too many joints and are therefore prone to damage. These solutions cannot provide differentiation, sufficient aesthetic appeal, and have limited functional performance which can hurt our reputation and future business prospects.


UltraTech MaxSheen offers end-to-end customized flooring solutions - from design to on-site implementation by our experts. You can choose from our wide range of rustic designs, colours, shades and textures to build artistic, slip-resistant, dust-free and durable flooring.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech MaxSheen

Technical Specifications of Ultratech MaxSheen

DOI (distinctness of image) – minimum 40, can be customized for higher performance


Thickness – minimum 50 mm


Grade of concrete – M25 and above


Application Areas of UltraTech MaxSheen

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