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Deadweight slowly eats our profits

Reducing land parcels have led to vertically growing cities. Optimizing structural weight factors largely in project profitability. Conventional filler materials like sand not only increases deadweight but is also labour intensive, slow, expensive and doesn’t add strength. We are forced to compensate this dead weight by overengineering strength, which eats into our profit margins.


UltraTech LiteCon’s special design mix is infused with polystyrene making it 50% lighter than sand which acts as an efficient filler material thereby reducing deadweight.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech LiteCon

Technical Specifications of UltraTech LiteCon

Uniform mixture of foam & polystyrene in concrete

This uniform mixture provides superior tensile strength offering ultimate strength and durability. 


Material density: 600–1500 Kg/Cu.m.


Material strength: 1 to 5 MPa at 28 days

With high material strength, you can trust UltraTech LiteCon to handle heavy loads and give you a solid foundation at 28 days. 


Excellent workability

UltraTech LiteCon’s excellent workability guarantees ease and efficiency in the placement, consolidation, and finishing of freshly mixed concrete with minimal loss of homogeneity.


Application Areas of UltraTech LiteCon

Filler material

UltraTech LiteCon has great melting and flow properties making it perfect for use as filler material. 


Sunken slab

UltraTech LiteCon can be used as a base course under tiling and sunken slabs giving them a solid foundation with excellent strength. 


Carpeting in commercial complexes


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