Counter Meet

The objective of this programme is to educate the IHBs on planning and supervising the construction. A small group of IHBs who have started building their house and petty contractors are invited to the shop and a presentation is made to them on planning of construction, quality of materials and correct method of construction. This helps IHBs and contractors to economise on the cost of construction, achieve timely completion and ensure quality construction through effective supervision. The relevant technical literature is distributed to the customers.

Builders and Contractors Meet

This program caters to a group of builders and contractors and is aimed at explaining various aspects of construction. It encompasses planning, selection of materials, various codal requirements for strength and durability, quality control and safety requirements on site. This program helps the target segment in completing the construction without time and cost overruns and at the same time ensuring quality and safety.

Latest technological developments e.g. Green Building Concepts (rainwater harvesting, solar energy, alternative building materials ) would be presented to enhance the knowledge of builders and contractors which ultimately benefits the society at large.

Plant Visits

This program is targeted for engineers, channel partners (dealers and retailers), builders and contractors and also masons. This is aimed at giving knowledge on the cement manufacturing process - from raw material selection to packing, to the visitors. This helps them understand and appreciate the quality of cement as they see various quality control measures and quality assurance systems which are in place at the plant.

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