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Cracks on reputation are irreparable

Monolithic landmark projects are a great opportunity to showcase our competence and build an enduring reputation. But such projects also run the risk of thermal cracking that can cause irreparable damage to our hard-earned reputation. Current solutions to avoid thermal cracks are cumbersome and demand constant supervision.


UltraTech Thermocon+ has a unique formulation that restricts the core temperature within prescribed limits to prevent thermal cracks. It also offers scientific monitoring of the core temperature for complete assurance and peace of mind.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech ThermoCon+

Technical Specifications

Core temperature < 70 degrees Celsius


Max. temperature differential within 20 degrees Celsius


On-site technical support from UltraTech


Applications of Thermocon+

Foundation and Core walls of buildings

The foundations and core walls of buildings are an essential component of the building’s structure. It is of vital importance to control the temperature in these areas to protect the foundation of the building. These areas are at risk of thermal cracking and ThermoCon Plus can prevent this.


Girders and pier caps

Girders and pier caps are subject to thermal loads and expansion which can lead to cracking in their foundations. With UltraTech’s ThermoCon Plus this problem is eliminated due to our unique temperature control technology.


High rise buildings

High temperature conditions in high rise buildings are directly correlated with cement hydration and thermal expansion which leads to cracking in the concrete. ThermoCon Plus can help with maintaining an appropriate constant temperature in the concrete to prevent thermal cracking.


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