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Concrete that makes landscapes beautiful

An aesthetic aspect such as landscaping directly influences the premium appeal of our projects. Present landscaping solutions, such as marble and granite, are either too expensive or too fragile & prone to damage, such as tiles & pavers. These materials require routine maintenance and expensive repairs. Despite our best efforts, our current solutions fail to stand the test of time, causing irreparable damage to our projects, customer trust, and ultimately our reputation, but not anymore.


UltraTech Decor is a stamped concrete and is your unique concrete landscaping solution that can help you create distinctive and premium landscape designs without compromising on durability. Our experts can provide end-to-end landscaping services, from designing to installation. You can choose from a wide range of designs, colors, and textures, or create your own custom landscape design. With UltraTech Decor, you can now create a durable, distinctive, and low-maintenance landscape with ease.

Types of Designs

Colored Stamped Concrete

The addition of base color, accent color and stamping patterns over the concrete surface give the stamped concrete the ideal color and shape. The ultimate shape will be close to that of natural construction material. When compared to paved stone, this material is more durable and will look like natural rock. 

Primary Colors

The primary color utilised in the manufacturing of stamped concrete flooring serves as the base color. The base color is chosen to complement the natural building color. It must be related to any other stones put in the vicinity of the building. The addition of a color hardener to the concrete results in the base color of the concrete. The color hardener used for the base color is a powdered substance.

Secondary Color

The accent color is the secondary color in stamped concrete that is used to create texture and other building materials. The accent color is created by applying a color release to the concrete. The color release in stamped concrete serves two functions:

●      Release of color to color concrete

●      Once the pattern is made over the concrete, color release prevents the concrete stamps from sticking to it

Stamping Patterns On Concrete

Concrete stamping is the process of creating patterns on stamped concrete with the use of concrete stamps. Only when the color release has been applied to the concrete is the stamping done. The concrete stamps are pressed into the wet concrete layer and then removed, leaving the design on the concrete. Most applications require stamped concrete to resemble brick, natural stone, flagstone, and so on.


Technical Specifications

Minimum M25 strength

Built to be extra strong and durable, UltraTech Decor with M25 strength can take on more load and weight and still retain its strength. 


Minimal maintenance

UltraTech Decor offers supreme quality constructions that require minimal maintenance. 


Special additives to maintain slump

Special additives in UltraTech Decor ensure a perfect water-to-cement ratio in concrete and maintain slump, resulting in a strong finished product. . 


Recommended Applications

UltraTech Home Expert Store.

You can purchase UltraTech’s wide array of home building solutions, including AquaSeal at your nearest UltraTech Home Expert Store.

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