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At UltraTech, we’re not just building the pillars of modern India, but bridges that take 1.4 billion Indians closer to their aspirations. From the Bandra-Worli sealink and Motera stadium to the Statue of Unity, every time we pour strength into the vision of a new India, we ensure the most robust standards are in place. For these structures are the foundation upon which the future of the coming generations will unfold. Making the country not only efficient, connected and ambitious, but also happier and fulfilled. 


Being ‘No.1 choice’ across the nation makes us immensely proud and utterly determined to supply the highest quality cement that goes into the icons of India’s growth story. Afterall, nothing excites us more than being an integral part of these modern wonders because whenever India’s infrastructure becomes better, Indians and their ambitions leap forward.

Iconic Projects

New Parliament Building – Central Vista

The new parliament building – Central Vista is a moment of great pride for every Indian.


Statue of Unity

India has always captured the world’s imagination by how well it stays united with its immense diversity. 


Narendra Modi Stadium

To hear more than 1 Lakh fans cheer for you is an exhilarating feeling and to be one of them is a feeling in itself!


Mumbai Metro

In the city of Dreams, nobody ever sleeps. There's always a rush of ambitions and adrenaline running through! 


Bengaluru Metro Rail

The Bengaluru Metro rail project is the city's ultimate landmark infrastructure project. The project will stretch across 42.3 kms. To achieve efficiency in implementation, the project has been divided into four elevated stretches, each known as a Reach. UltraTech has contributed immensely to the venture.                                                                   


Coastal Gujarat power

The Coastal Gujarat Power Project is a mega power project that will have five units of 800 MW each, generating a total of 4000 MW. The input will consist of 40,000 MT/day of imported coal which will then be processed using supercritical technology.


Elevated Express Highway

The Yeshwantpur-Nelamangala Expressway is an infrastructural masterpiece that is often used to showcase the region's infrastructure growth. UltraTech is not only the sole supplier of the project but also a partner in fuelling progress in the region.


Pimpalgaon-Nashik-Gonde Road

The Pimpalgaon-Nasik-Gonde road project will serve Nashik with a 6 kms long elevated corridor, 7 flyovers, 2 major bridges, 6 vehicular under passes, 6 pedestrian under passes and a subway. The project will form a part of the Mumbai-Agra National Highway-3 route.                                                     


Bandra-Worli Sea Link

The Bandra-Worli Sea Link, rechristened as 'Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link' is a 4.7 km long, twin 4-lane carriageway built using state-of-the-art segmental technology. This project has single-handedly expanded the realm of infrastructural possibilities in India.


Vallarpadam Rail Bridge Project

AFCONS achieved the distinction of building India's longest rail bridge, stretching across 4.62 kms, connecting the island of Vallarpadam with Idappalli in North Kochi. The project was undertaken for Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) and was completed in 27 months, a national record.                                                             


Key Account Management Cell

A first for the industry, was Formed in 2002, our Key Account
Management Cell was a first for the industry.