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Intricate designs which are durable and economical

Intricate design renders uniqueness and premium to our projects. But conventional materials are either too expensive or too fragile to stand the test of time. Regular concrete cannot flow freely & self-compact, leading to honey combing and inconsistent strength in intricate designs.


UltraTech FreeFlow+ has advanced super-plasticizers that allows it to flow freely into every nook and corner, and self-compact. It enables you to build intricate yet strong structures with certainty & confidence, that too at a fraction of the time and cost of conventional materials.

UltraTech FreeFlow+ gives wings to your imagination enabling you to create projects and a reputation that is distinct & durable.


Why settle for the ordinary when you can build the extraordinary!



Benefits of using UltraTech FreeFlow+

Technical Specifications

Self-compacting concrete

Our expert technology makes Freeflow Plus self compacting in nature, this helps it to have a uniform circulation throughout your project. No matter how intricate or unique your structural design is, Freeflow Plus will not leave any voids or air pockets behind.


Reduced material separation

Material separation can result in major defects, due to honeycombing, porous layer in concrete and the presence of sand streaks. With our reduced material separation technology, you can be assured that the concrete will not leave any void spaces.


Slump flow 550 to 750 mm (SF1/SF2/SF3)

Made with latest 4th generation PCE superplasticizers, viscosity modifiers and high quality additives, our concrete is highly flowables and self compacting. Without any limitations on your concrete, your design elements will now reflect your unique technical parameters.


Application areas of UltraTech FreeFlow+

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