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UltraTech Weather Pro WP+200:A Waterproofing Liquid

Dampness may come from any source, including the roof, foundation, walls, and even bathrooms. The product, UltraTech Weather Pro WP+200 is a waterproofing liquid that was created by UltraTech Research Lab. 


Use WP+200 with cement to provide superior waterproofing protection to all areas of your home. It's unique Water Block Technology plugs tiny holes in the concrete, plaster, and mortar, breaking the interconnectivity of capillaries and reducing water penetration.

WP+200 Applications

Weather Pro WP+200, waterproofing liquid can be added to plaster, mortar, and concrete. It can be used at any stage of construction from foundation to finish. WP+200 can be used for a variety of purposes:

Benefits of WP+200

Correct method of using Weather Pro WP+200
Integral Waterproofing Liquid for best results

Note: Provide double protection to high-risk areas of your home, by using Flex or HiFlex”

Frequently Asked Questions 

Any area of the house is susceptible to dampness. It can swiftly spread throughout the house through the walls and the roof. Even from the home's foundation, it can enter and spread through the walls.

Dampness causes corrosion of steel in RCC leading to crack formation and deteriorating the strength of the structure of your home. It also causes structural damage by making the structure weak from the inside. Unfortunately, the damage has already been caused by the time dampness is visible.

Dampness hollows and weakens your home's structure, jeopardizing its structural integrity and durability. Once it enters, it is very difficult to get rid of. The thin, protective coating of waterproofing treatment, paint, or distemper peels off quickly and is only a temporary solution. Replastering and repainting are only short-term fixes. As a result, it is advisable to use a preventative measure to safeguard your home from dampness.

Dampness can enter your home from anywhere, the floor, roof, walls, even the foundation. Therefore, you should have your complete home built with UltraTech Weather Plus to protect the strength and durability of your home from dampness. It repels water and provides greater protection against dampness entering your home, maintaining its structural integrity.

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