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White Topping Concrete

White Topping Concrete

Damaged roads: the long-standing problem

As a result of rapid urbanization, close to 35% of Indians now live in urban areas and commute on city roads more than ever before. When coupled with the fact that India has the 4th largest auto market in the world, our roads are only going to get more congested with vehicles in years to come. This places tremendous pressure on our roads, resulting in cracks and dangerous potholes. In fact, in the last four years, over 11,000 people have died due to pothole-related accidents. Whilst these problems have persisted, there hasn’t been a long-term solution that brings relief to roads and commuters alike.

The Twenty-year Solution

UltraTech White Topping was developed to address these critical issues and make city roads safer and pothole-free. In essence, White Topping is a Portland Cement Concrete (PCC) overlay that is constructed on top of an existing bituminous road. This overlay acts as a long-term alternative for the rehabilitation or structural strengthening of roads.


Construction Stages

  1. Milling & Profile Correction
  2. Surface Preparation
  3. Concrete Overlay
  4. Surface Finishing
  5. Texturing
  6. Groove Cutting
  7. Curing & Testing
  8. Curb Laying & Lane Marking

Contact Details

For more information, please call our toll-free number 1800 210 3311 or reach out to your nearest UltraTech Building Solutions (UBS) Centre.