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UltraTech Concrete

UltraTech is India’s No. 1 Ready Mix Concrete, powering some of the biggest infrastructure projects across the country. We at UltraTech deliver consistent quality and service by integrating automated systems that help leverage the true expertise of the strong UltraTech team. From identifying and anticipating possible challenges, to designing and delivering the most complex concrete solutions, our expertise enables our customers in timely project delivery and successful completion. 


Our Expert Dispatch and Tracking System (ED &TS) ensures optimum order booking, visibility and tracking of deliveries being made to the customers. This enables customers to plan their project delivery better and avoid unnecessary delays.


Why UltraTech Ready Mixed Concrete ?

With more than 140 RMC state of the art plants across the country, UltraTech provides the largest network of customized, scientifically engineered, branded concrete solutions and unmatched expertise.


UltraTech’s stringent raw material selection process coupled with automated mixing technology ensures right raw materials and desired consistency in every batch of concrete as per the customer’s requirement.


Why worry about anything else when you can get the right expertise of UltraTech India’s No.1 RMC?


The business landscape is continuously evolving and requires new age solutions to meet these growing demands and challenges. At UltraTech we have been constantly innovating and delivering customized products to our customers so that they are always ready for latest challenges. Introducing.




UltraTech’s range of Very Amazing Concrete

With an amazing concrete solution for almost every construction problem, UltraTech Very Amazing Concrete, enables our customers to execute projects with greater confidence, unmatched speed, fewer labour resources, stunning finishes and more..


While conventional practices have their own risks and challenges, with UltraTech our customers can now

Build the Extraordinary!!




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Build your home with the new range of UltraTech RMC products, locate the nearest RMC plant to in your region.


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Get in Touch -Build your home with the new range of UltraTech RMC products, locate the nearest RMC plant to in your region.



We have been honored with several awards and accolades for UltraTech Ready Mix Concrete