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Different regions of our country have different types of natural stones, which are used in construction work. These stones have their own characteristics that are used at different places in a home. Depending on your preference you can choose any of them. So, let's understand a few things about stones in construction of a home.


Step No.1


- This is a type of igneous rock, found in Southern India. It is used in walls, staircase, floorwork and also in kitchen slabs.

- Granite is a high strength stone, which does not absorb water.

Step No.2


- It is usually available in Central and Western India and is used in the home's flooring, stairs, and for decorative purposes.

- Marble can be carved easily, and it also gives a good sheen to the work.

Step No.3


- It is a volcanic igneous rock, formed after the volcanic lava cools down.

- This black stone is used in construction and also while making concrete. It is very hard and cannot be used for carving purposes.

Step No.4


- Sand stone is usually low in strength, allowing it to be sculpted into any desirable shape.

- It is available in different colours, in different parts of India.

- It is used in columns, flooring and to beautify the exterior walls of your home.

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