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The right concrete mix is very important to build a strong home. Which is why, it is important to check your concrete mix before using it. Hence, concrete testing needs to be done. Concrete testing is of 2 types - before casting and after setting. Let's understand how the compressive strength of concrete is tested.


Step No.1

This test is done after concrete sets and becomes firm.

Step No.2

In this test, the concrete cubes are tested in a compression testing machine.

Step No.3

A concrete cube mould of dimensions 150mm x 150mm x 150mm is used.

Step No.4

It is filled with 3 layers of concrete and compacted with the help of a tamping rod.

Step No.5

The upper surface is levelled with a trowel, and the mould is then covered with a wet jute bag and left to set for 24 hours.

Step No.6

After 24 hours, the cube is removed from the mould and cured in water for 28 days.

Step No.7

After measuring the size and weight of the cube, it is tested.

Step No.8

The plates of the testing machine and the concrete surface are cleaned, and the cube is placed between the plates.

Step No.9

Then, the load is gradually increased without any jerks, till the cube breaks.

Step No.10

Compressive strength of the concrete is calculated by recording the maximum load.

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