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KFin Technologies Private Limited Unit: UltraTech Cement Limited “Karvy Selenium Tower B, Plot 31-32, Gachibowli Financial District, Nanakramguda, Hyderabad - 500 032

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Share transfers in the physical form are presently registered and returned to the shareholders within 12 days of receipt of valid documents. The company's equity shares are available for trading in the dematerialised mode only. The equity shares have been admitted with The National Security Depository Ltd., and Central Depository Services (I) Ltd., bearing ISIN No.INE481G01011. Request for share transfer, sub-division, consolidation, transmission, issue of duplicate share certificates and any investor grievances can be addressed to the registered office or to the office of the Registrar & Transfer Agents.

In the depository system, the ownership and transfer of securities takes place by means of electronic book entries. This system rids the capital market of the dangers related to handling of paper.

Elimination of bad deliveries Elimination of all risks associated with physical certificates No stamp duty Immediate transfer and registration of securities Faster settlement cycle Faster disbursement of non-cash corporate benefits like rights, bonus, etc. Reduction in brokerage by many brokers for trading in dematerialised securities Reduction in handling of huge volumes of paper Periodic status reports for the DPs Elimination of problems related to change of address of investor, transmission etc. Ease in portfolio monitoring Freezing the depository accounts

Dematerialisation is the process by which physical certificates of an investor are converted to an equivalent number of securities in electronic form and credited in the investor's account with his/her Depository Participant (DP). An investor will have to first open an account with a DP and then request for the dematerialisation of certificates by filling up a Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF), which is available with the DP and submitting the same along with the physical certificates. The investor has to ensure that before the certificates are handed over to the DP for demat, they are defaced by marking "Surrendered for Dematerialisation" on the face of the certificates. Shares are dematerialised by the Company within 7 days of the receipt of the DRN and the physical shares from the DP, if the same are found in order.

The Company uses ''Electronic Clearing Service'' (ECS) facility for remitting dividend to its shareholders wherever available.

In terms of a notification issued by the Reserve Bank of India, with effect from 1stOctober, 2009, remittance of dividend through ECS is replaced by "National Electronic Clearing Service" (NECS). Banks have been instructed to move to the NECS platform. The advantages of NECS over ECS include faster credit of remittance to the beneficiary's account, coverage of more bank branches and ease of operations.

NECS essentially operates on the new and unique bank account number, allotted by banks post implementation of Core Banking Solutions (CBS) for centralised processing of inward instructions and efficiency in handling bulk transactions.

To enable remittance of dividend through NECS, members are requested to provide their new account number allotted to them by their respective banks after implementation of CBS. The account number must be provided to the Company or its RTA in respect of shares held in physical form and to the Depository Participants in respect of shares held in electronic form.

Shareholders residing in other cities are requested to intimate the company under the signature of the sole/first joint holder, the following information, so that the bank account and name and address of the bank can be printed on the dividend warrant:

Name of sole/first joint holder and folio number Particulars of the bank account:

Name of bank Name of branch Complete address of the bank with pin code number Account type, whether savings (SB) or current account (CA)

The company offers nomination facility to its shareholders. A nomination form is enclosed herewith for the convenience of shareholders interested in using the nomination facility.

Non-resident members are requested to immediately notify

An Indian address for sending all communications, if not provided so far Any change in their residential status on return to India for permanent settlement Particulars of their NRE bank account with a bank in India, if not given earlier

On change of status from 'non-resident' to 'resident' Indian, the shareholder should notify the Company giving his/her Indian address. Change of status is effected only when signature of the first registered holder on the request letter matches with the specimen signature recorded with the Company.

In case of change of status of the shareholder from 'resident' Indian to 'non-resident', an undertaking must be given to the Company not to seek repatriation of dividend and sale proceeds on shares held.

Shareholders are required to inform the Company in writing of any change in their address, quoting their folio number.

Change of address is effected only when the signature of the first registered holder on the request letter matches with the specimen signature recorded with the Company.

Change of address of shares held in the demat form should be notified only to the DP.

Shareholders may apply to the Company for consolidation of their shareholding under different folios into one folio.

Shareholders should quote their folio number or DP and Client ID numbers in all correspondence with the Company. All correspondences regarding shares and debentures should be addressed to the Registered Office of the Company/Office of the Registrar & Share Transfer Agents.

Section 72 of the Companies Act, 2013, extends a nomination facility to individuals holding shares in physical form in Companies. Shareholders, in particular those holding shares in a single name should, in their own interest, avail of this facility by giving the particulars of their nomination in the prescribed nomination form.

In case shares are held in a single name and the shareholder has expired, the following documents are required to be submitted by nominee(s):

Original or certified copy of death certificate of the deceased holder A letter of request from the nominee(s) duly filled in and signed

Owners of shares in demat form are advised that in terms of the regulations of the National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Ltd. (CDSL), their bank account details, as furnished to the Depository Participants (DP), will be printed on their dividend warrants. The Company will not entertain requests for change of these bank details printed on dividend warrants. In case of any change in your bank details please inform your DP immediately. Shareholders holding shares in physical form should inform the Company of any change in their address or pin code number and bank account details promptly in a written request with the signature of the sole/first joint holder. Owners of demat shares should send instructions regarding change of name, change of address, bank details, nomination, power of attorney, etc., directly to their DP, as they are maintained by the DPs. To prevent fraudulent encashment of dividend warrants, members should send their bank account details (if not provided earlier) to the Company (if shares are held in physical form) or to the DP (if the shares are held in demat form), for printing these on the dividend warrants. In case shares are lost or misplaced, investors should immediately lodge a complaint with the police and inform the Company enclosing the original or certified copy of the FIR or an acknowledged copy of the complaint. For expeditious transfer of shares, shareholders should fill in complete and correct particulars in the transfer deed. Wherever applicable, the registration number of the power of attorney should also be quoted in the transfer deed at the appropriate place. Shareholders should keep a record of their specimen signature before lodging shares with the Company to prevent the possibility of a difference in signature at a later date. Shareholders should give us their valuable suggestions for improvement of our investor services. Shareholders should quote their email addresses, telephone/fax numbers to get a prompt reply to their communications.

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