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Our business operations and various interventions adopted at units across India stand testimony to the Company’s commitment towards sustainability. We conduct our business with a focus on natural resource conservation and restoration, diversity, community welfare and skill development. Read more here on how UltraTech is bringing about a meaningful impact for each of its stakeholders.

Enhancing rural livelihoods through water conservation: APCW

For communities dwelling in Andhra Pradesh’s arid and semi-arid regions, drought is a frequent and serious livelihood challenge. Rayalaseema is one such region in the state, also home to our integrated cement unit Andhra Pradesh Cement Works (APCW). In line with UltraTech’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy, the unit has tailored an Integrated Watershed Project, to address the region’s drought related challenges. 


APCW undertook this Integrated Watershed project in partnership with The International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics (ICRISAT). In February 2019, ICRISAT and APCW signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the same.


Through its community development interactions, APCW’s CSR team identified the need for enhancement of agricultural productivity through water conservation and livelihoods training in Rayalaseema region. The watershed project focussed on two villages in this region- namely Patnikota of Kolimigundla Mandal, Kurnool district and Ayyavaripalli of Tadipatri Mandal, Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh.


UltraTech’s SHG model: Empowering rural women

As part its CSR efforts, UltraTech not only offers up-skilling opportunities to women from rural communities but also provides necessary support to build a sustainable business.


The decade-old women Self-Help Group (SHG) led carpet unit in Khor, Madhya Pradesh is the ideal example of the same. The carpet unit exclusively exports all its produce to developed countries.


Similarly, our integrated unit Andhra Pradesh Cement Works engaged with local community members to train women in jute bags stitching to enhance their livelihoods. Our integrated unit Baga Cement Works started a SHG in 2019 to help impart training in stitching apparels. The unit has so far helped catalyse formation of 13 SHGs. 


UltraTech Cement drives decarbonisation agenda through innovative solutions

UltraTech Cement is committed to contribute to mitigation of climate change through a holistic approach of decarbonising its operations. Cement is a carbon-intensive industry and our efforts in the manufacture of cement across our units ingrain our approach to carbon reduction.


UltraTech has 22 integrated cement manufacturing units, 27 grinding units and one clinkerisation unit. Each of these units have implemented various initiatives such as digitalisation, alternative fuel & materials usage, and adoption of renewable energy sources to decarbonise their operations.


UltraTech unit Reddipalayam Cement Works achieves 25% AFR milestone

Reddipalayam Cement Works, UltraTech Cement’s integrated unit located in Tamil Nadu, has achieved the distinction of one-fourth of its fuel (heat) requirement being met through utilisation of waste materials sourced from local municipal corporations and industries. With the increased usage of alternative fuels, Reddipalayam Cement Works is now 16.25 times plastic positive. The unit has also successfully reduced CO2 emission by 2,250 tonne CO2 per annum.


Rajashree Unit's Kagina ITI - Giving hope, fueling dreams

UltraTech Cement's Rajashree Cement Works' industrial training institute has helped provide new career opportunities to local youth. Bhimashankar Kolkur, 35, is quite the poster boy for youngsters in Sangavi village, located in Sedam block of North Karnataka's Gulbarga district.


The first in his village to enroll for the two-year Electrician course at the Kagina Private Industrial Training Institute (KPITI) in 2004, his example inspired others to seek livelihoods beyond farming. Now employed as an electrical technician at UltraTech's Rajashree Cement Works (RCW), he earns a steady income, a distant dream for most of his counterparts a decade back.


Rainwater Harvesting at UltraTech's Vikram Cement Works

The underlying hard rock of the Khor and Suwakheda areas in the Neemuch district of Madhya Pradesh, along with its soil conditions, meant 90 per cent of the area’s rainwater was lost. With only 10 per cent infiltrating the sedimentary terrain, this posed a unique challenge to UltraTech’s water conservation efforts at Vikram Cement Works, an integrated unit of UltraTech located in Khor, Neemuch. To enable water harvesting, UltraTech modified its mine planning and operations to maximise extraction of mineral from lower benches. This helped in accumulation of rainwater in the lower benches. As part of this initiative, 85 lakh cubic metres of water has been harvested in the mine area at Vikram Cement Works in FY20 alone.


Gender Diversity at UltraTech

More women are now entering the buildings solutions sector, and breaking barriers as they pave way for future women talent. UltraTech is delighted to be part of this positive change. UltraTech has put in place a robust practice of ensuring gender diversity in its workforce.


The company has been taking several steps to create an inclusive work environment. The representation of women talent has been increasing across our functions, including manufacturing and sales, and across our businesses such as UltraTech Building Solutions and Ready-Mix Concrete.


UltraTech Cement's skill building program

Masons and contractors form the backbone of the construction industry in India. Therefore, enhancing their skills and easing their work life is imperative for the long-term sustainability of the construction industry.


As a responsible corporate, UltraTech Cement which is engaged with over two million masons and contractors for various activities and engagements aimed at improving the quality of construction has trained thousands of masons & contractors. The emphasis of this programme is to help masons hone their technical skills and also improve their entrepreneurial ability, thus empowering them to gain better employment.



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