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Building a Sustainable Future: UltraTech’s Approach to Water Management


As the world commemorates World Water Day, UltraTech continues to make strides on its commitment to protect and conserve water resources. Through focused water management practices and effective governance systems, UltraTech reused, recycled, harvested and recharged over 254 million cubic feet of water in FY23 alone. UltraTech’s holistic approach to water conservation has helped it become more than 4.17 times water positive as of FY23. 


UltraTech’s water management efforts encompass areas within the unit premises as well as beyond the fence, i.e. within the communities the Company operates in. UltraTech’s water conservation initiatives are based on its belief of the criticality of water as a shared resource that is essential for business operations as well as the wellbeing of community and for nurturing biodiversity. 


UltraTech has also proactively installed rainwater harvesting systems across its site locations. In addition, UltraTech has also set up Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) plants at several of its manufacturing Units to enable the reuse of 100% treated water within the Units.


Community Initiatives

Through its watershed management approaches and community-driven initiatives, UltraTech focuses not just on water conservation, but also enriching lives and livelihoods. 


UltraTech’s watershed management projects encompass a holistic planning basis the rainfall pattern in a given area and target to harvest a percentage of the rainfall in addition to other water conservation activities. UltraTech’s watershed projects focus on delivering four main objectives: 

  • Effective natural resource management for sustainable use and conservation

  • Increased farm productivity through the implementation of advanced agricultural practices

  • Promotion of livelihood activities to create economic opportunities

  • Empowering women through the establishment of community-based organisations, enabling their active participation and decision-making.


As of FY23, UltraTech has successfully constructed 183 check dams and 75 rainwater harvesting structures, soak pits, and large ponds. Over 33,500 farmers have benefitted from the over 254 million cubic feet water conserved.


With natural resources under stress globally, it is imperative that we conserve and preserve them.  UltraTech’s water management efforts prove that with vision, determination, and collective action, it is possible to replenish more water than we use. UltraTech has taken concrete steps towards the protection and conservation of water resources, underlining its commitment to building a sustainable future.