How To Lay Floor Tiles

Tile installation & fixing is an arduous task, & requires precautionary steps. here is a checklist of safety measures needed for the tiling process.

Water Cement Ratio Concrete Mix for Tiles
Choose tiles that suit the room size and the style of your home. Smaller spaces are suited for bigger and pale-coloured tiles to increase size and ventilation levels, but many kitchen and bathroom spaces have smaller tiles.
Prioritize your tile top preparation through proper soil layer compaction, subfloor levelling, completing brick and plasterwork, and waterproofing to protect your tiles from water seepage and long-term deterioration.
Check that surface is smooth and structurally-sound before beginning tile fixing work, and ensure that the site has there is proper lighting and ventilation.
Tiles should be set at right angles and corners should not get bent. Prepare a ready mix cement plaster, in advance, by mixing water and mortar in a 1:6 ratio – follow this proportion to prevent cement joints from shrinking. Also, maintain minimal joints between two tiles and wipe off excess joints.
Tiles should be placed equidistant to each other.
Fill in joints with cement grout once installed.
Post installation, clean the tiling area with a
wet mop and sweep the area post installation.
Floors with newly installed tiles should
remain untouched for at least a week post
Conduct tile fixing with proper supervision
to prevent defects such as cracks, breaking,
and de-bonding, which can later incur
extra costs.Tiling expenses should ideally
be covered in one stage of your
Tile building is definitely laborious, but the right measures can go a long way. Once you've mastered these, fixing up your home will take no time.

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