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Improve positive energy flow with these Vastu Tips for Living Room

Living rooms, popularly known as the lounge or drawing room of the residence, are considered the gateway of energy into the house. Whether negative or positive, energies enter the house through the living room, which then interact with you and your family, affecting your health, wealth, and wellbeing.


Living rooms are the most used spaces in your home, whether it is for having a game night with your kids, sipping a cup of coffee on the cosy sofas with your partner or inviting your beloved friends for a get-together every fortnight. Along with impeccable interior designing, it is important to follow certain Vastu tips for living room to keep the space auspicious, positive and free from negative energies.


The Vastu tips for living room in this article will guide you in planning and designing a Vastu-compliant space that ensures a happy, successful, and healthy life for each of your family members.

A hall for get-togethers 

A hall for get-togethers :


  • The living room is the first room a visitor enters through the door when entering your premises; thus, it is critical to position the entrance door in a favourable direction, such as east, north, or north-east, while also keeping this space well-illuminated. This space is often considered a hall for gatherings, so if you love to frequently host your guests with a get-together, the hall direction as per Vastu must be on the South-West side of your home.

Beneficial for becoming wealthy 

Beneficial for becoming wealthy :


  • Living rooms are the entrance to your residence and must be located in the east or north direction. As per the Vastu tips for living room, this space must be placed in the north-west corner for east and north-facing homes. In the case of south-facing homes, living room as per Vastu must be placed on the south-east side of the house. Placing the living rooms in the specified directions can bring abundant health, wealth, and success to your home. So, if you are looking forward to welcoming abundant wealth, follow these Vastu tips for living room.


A slope in the living room :

Creating slope flooring in the living room towards the East or North direction is considered to be auspicious by Vastu specialists. The North-East direction of the East is the most favourable direction for placing slope flooring in the living room.

Good for studies

A slope floor in the living room also benefits the children in the house, offering them success and concentration while studying. For academics, West entrance has been shown to be beneficial.

A dedicated spot for the TV 

A dedicated spot for the TV :


  • Like any other object in your space, the right placement of the TV affects the vibes of your home. TV position in living room as per Vastu must be placed in the South-East corner of your home. This entertainment zone is bound to make the family members waste their valuable time watching TV if placed on the north-west side of your premises.

Where do you place your furniture? 

Where do you place your furniture? :


  • The Vastu interior for living room has a significant impact on the health, wealth, and happiness of the individuals residing in the home. Adding unique furniture pieces such as cosy sofa sets in the living area can bring elegance to your home, but it is also important to consider the arrangement of these pieces according to Vastu for sofa sets. It is suggested to place the sofa sets against the east or north walls as they can reflect direct sun rays coming from the east direction.

A place for Portraits & Paintings 

A place for Portraits & Paintings :


  • Exquisite paintings and portraits enhance the look of your living space and must be placed in the north-east corner of the space. These pieces of art must evoke feelings of positivity, happiness, and peace. Avoid paintings or portraits that evoke dark, sad, or negative emotions.

Place for hanging showpieces :

Vastu suggests hanging showpieces such as a chandelier, which must be hung on the west or south sides of the living area. These can have a great impact on the positivity and elegance of this space.

Which hue is best for your living room? 

Which hue is best for your living room? :


  • The colour of the living room can trap the positive energy that enters your home. As per the Vastu interior for living room, it must be painted in light colours such as white, beige, cream, yellow, or blue. These colours can enhance the positivity, happiness, and contentment in the space.

It’s best to discard certain things from your living room ? 

It’s best to discard certain things from your living room :


  • Certain home décor pieces can bring a negative energy flow to the house. It is important to get rid of such things from your living room. To have a Vastu-compliant home, you must get rid of :


    1. Electronic gadgets and appliances that are damaged or no longer work.


    2. Paintings and portraits that display negativity, such as war, a crying baby, or a sinking ship.


    3. Frames, mirrors, and showpieces that are broken or have cracks in them.

A Phone Area 

A Phone Area :


  • Vastu suggests placing the telephone area specifically on the East, North, or South-East side of the living area. Refrain from keeping the telephone on the South-West or North-West side of your living space.

Place for Pooja

Place for Pooja :


  • Vastu for hanging god photos in living room suggests placing the prayer area on the north-east side of the area. It is considered auspicious and brings prosperity.


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Which hue is best for your living room? 

Building a Staircase :


  • Vastu tips for living room suggests that the best location for a staircase in the living area is in the West, South, or South-West corner for optimum benefits.

The imporance of Incorparating Nature? 

The importance of incorporating nature :


  • Bring the aesthetics of nature to your space by adding plants in the north-east corner of your living room. This brings positive vibrations to the living room.

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners :


  • To maintain the balance in the temperature of your living room, Vastu suggests placing the air conditioner on the north-west, east or west side of your living room.

Welcome health, wealth, happiness, and contentment by living in a vastu-compliant space. To plan a brighter future for your children and to welcome your guests into a positive environment, read this article on Vastu Shastra for Children and Guest Rooms.

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