Test Brick Quality at Construction Site

4 Quick Tips On How To Check Brick Quality!

Strong bricks make strong walls, resulting in better structural strength when you’re building a house. Here are four effective methods to test the quality of bricks for your home’s construction.


When you strike two bricks together, you should hear a metallic ‘clink’. Good quality bricks shouldn’t break or crack on impact. This test is used to determine the sturdiness of the brick against sudden impact.

Test Brick Quality at Construction Site : Clap Test


This is another method for testing a brick’s sturdiness. When you drop a brick from a height of 4 feet it should not break or crack.

Test Brick Quality at Construction Site : Drop Test


Inspect each brick and make sure they are even from all sides and smooth on the edges without any cracks. They should all be of a uniform shape and size. A good way to check this is by stacking all the bricks together.

Test Brick Quality at Construction Site : Crack Test


This test will identify the moisture absorption rate of a brick. Weigh a dry brick and note down its weight then submerge the brick in water for a long period of time. Take it out and weigh it again; if the weight doesn’t increase by 15%, then it’s a good quality brick.

Test Brick Quality at Construction Site : Water Weight Test
These were a few tips on Curing during your home’s construction to avoid cracks in your home. For more such tips, visit www.ultratechcement.com

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