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Introducing UltraTech DURAFACAD

An amazing concrete facade solution that is fire and weather resistant, sustainable and can be made into large panel sizes of thin cross sections.

UltraTech DuraFacad has a unique mix design that ensures durability of these beautiful facades. This enables you to build aesthetic premium facades without the risk of premature damage.

You can now choose from our existing designs or build your own facade. Building a distinct, aesthetic, low maintenance, and durable project is now possible with UltraTech DuraFacad.

Why settle for the ordinary, when you can build the extraordinary!


Aesthetics can make or break customer trust.  

Aesthetic elements like facades, add to the premium-ness of my projects. But current facade solutions like Aluminium, Glass or Glass reinforced concrete have glaring challenges. Metal facades are prone to damage from fire. Glass facades are expensive and not sustainable causing heat envelopes and glare. Glass reinforced concrete facades are heavy, have thick cross sections, and have limited panel size which limits the quality of aesthetic output and are heavy to install. Despite our best intentions and efforts, these current solutions can pose a risk to life and property. This leads to irreversible damage to our projects, customer trust and eventually our reputation in the market.


Artistic and durable Façade solutions.

UltraTech RMC is India’s No. 1 RMC 


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