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Our home is our identity and we express our creativity through its decor. We spend great effort, time & money to achieve extraordinary decor by using designer tiles & premium marble

Traditional grouts tend to crack and peel, leading to entry of dampness

Introducing: UltraTech Tilefixo Style Epoxy Grout

To fill premium tile & marble joints. It not only protects but also enhances the stylish and unique decor of home.


Styling Options

Benefits of Style Epoxy Grout

Frequently Asked Questions 

You can buy STYLE Epoxy Grout from UltraTech cement dealers and tile shops near you.

Yes, STYLE Epoxy Grout can be used to tile both vertical and horizontal  surfaces including floors, walls, swimming pools etc

Yes, STYLE Epoxy Grout is water resistant and washable, making it very easy to clean and enabling you to maintain the aesthetics of your tiles

To download STYLE Epoxy Grout brochure


Launching soon in regional languages.