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Home Is Your Identity, Build It With India’s No.1 Cement


UltraTech Super

Build your identity, not just your home

Designed to be strong and durable over the long term, UltraTech Super Cement is ideal for modern-day construction techniques such as fast-track construction. Blended cement is a type of cement that has had a portion of the clinker replaced with other ingredients.


It uses additional raw materials in comparison to OPC, such as refined HRS and refined Gypsum. it is a type of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC). UltraTech Super is a new generation of cement that incorporates advanced technology, computerised process controls, and online quality control to ensure high-quality work, always. 

What Is Blended Cement?

Blended cement is a type of cement that has had a portion of the clinker replaced with other ingredients. At the grinding stage of cement manufacture, additives, such as fly ash, granulated BFS, silica fume, volcanic ash, and other by-products, are mixed with the clinker in varying amounts. 


The use of blended cement is an appealing efficiency option because adding these additives helps to minimize the amount of energy utilised. It is also useful in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from clinker production, and carbon dioxide emissions from calcination directly. 


This is why blended cement is expanding into new markets and its application is increasing and becoming more popular across the world.

Benefits Of UltraTech Super

Importance Of UltraTech Super

  • UltraTech Super is designed to provide rapid construction, quick removal of shuttering/form work, sustainable construction, higher coverage, and smoother finishing to your work.
  • Since it is a blended cement, it has a lower carbon footprint than OPC 53. It is a sustainable product which helps in reduction of emissions from carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. While being sustainable, it is also a durable cement that provides the best quality work. 

UltraTech Building Solution Store

Invest in UltraTech Super Cement right now to get a solid, sustainable, and durable solution for all your construction needs. Visit UltraTech Building Solution Store to learn about UltraTech Super Cement’s price and other such details and purchase it right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

UltraTech Super is a modified PPC that combines the finest properties of OPC 53 with those of PPC. This makes it a superior quality product as compared to PPC. 

UltraTech Super is appropriate for use in all phases and types of construction. From foundation, footing, brickwork, stonemasonry, block walls, concrete in slab, beam, or column, plastering, to tile laying. 

Yes, UltraTech Super can be used for brick work, block work, stone masonry, plastering, and tile fixing.