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One home. One chance. Build it with India’s no.1 cement

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Introduction to UltraTech Cement

One of the most significant components of your home is cement. It holds everything together and is essential to the structure's strength. We understand that you are not just purchasing cement, but also the assurance and trust that only UltraTech can deliver. As a result, millions of IHBs like you have put their trust in UltraTech to build their houses, making us India's No. 1 cement brand.

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Our Strengths

Our various strengths enable us to be India’s best cement and your number 1 choice.

Product Portfolio

UltraTech is the ultimate destination for all types of building materials, from foundation to finish. UltraTech's products range from grey cement (UltraTech Cement) to white cement (Birla White), building products (UltraTech Building Products Division) to building solutions (UltraTech Building Solutions), and a variety of Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and special Value Added Concrete (VAC) to meet the construction industry's diverse needs and applications ,
 Our products include:

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Portland pozzolana cement or PPC is obtained by uniformly grinding/blending OPC & (15-35%) fly ash. It can be utilised in all areas where OPC is typically used, except where high early strength is specifically required, such as in prestressed concrete, high-speed structures such as slipform work, and precast applications. OPC & (15-35%)

Super Cement

UltraTech Premium

UltraTech Premium is one of UltraTech's most revolutionary technologies. The distribution of its highly engineered particles allows the concrete to become denser and more impermeable. It provides your home with strength, durability, and protection with an ideal blend of high-reactive silica and slag. UltraTech Premium can withstand all types of weather conditions, corrosion, and even shrinkage cracks

Weather Plus

UltraTech Super

Designed to be strong and durable over the long term, UltraTech Super Cement is ideal for modern-day construction techniques such as fast-track construction. UltraTech Super Cement is a new generation of cement that incorporates advanced technology, computerised process controls, and online quality control.

Weather Plus

UltraTech Weather Plus

When dampness enters your home, it spreads quickly and is impossible to eradicate. To protect the strength of your home from dampness, it is critical to construct the entire structure with UltraTech Weather Plus. UltraTech Weather Plus repels water effectively and protects your home from dampness.

Weather Plus