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UltraTech Premium

UltraTech Premium is one of UltraTech's most revolutionary technologies. The distribution of its highly engineered particles allows the concrete to become denser and more impermeable. It provides your home with strength, durability, and protection with an ideal blend of high-reactive silica and slag. UltraTech Premium can withstand all types of weather conditions, corrosion, and even shrinkage cracks. With its less water consumption, it is a sustainable product as well.


UltraTech Premium Cement can be used for varied building construction processes which include all types of PCC, masonry, and plaster works.  Due to its exceptional resistance to attack by sulphates and chlorides, it is perfect for RCC in marine and hostile settings. It can be used for buildings that are subterranean and near bodies of water. With its superior 28-day compressive strength, UltraTech Premium is the perfect choice for critical applications including slabs, columns, beams, and roofing.

Benefits Of UltraTech Premium

Importance Of UltraTech Premium

  • Premium properties also deliver premium results.  UltraTech Premium provides exceptional strength while being extremely sustainable. 


  • With high-quality clinker, exceptional blast furnace slag with a high glass content, gypsum free of harmful elements, and the ideal PSD (Particle Size Distribution), UltraTech Premium's composition maintains its unrivalled performance year after year. 

UltraTech Building Solution Store

UltraTech Premium Cement is the solid, sustainable, and durable solution to all your construction needs. Visit UltraTech Home Expert Store to learn about UltraTech Premium Cement’s price and other such details and purchase it right away!

Frequently Asked Questions

UltraTech Premium is extensively used for mass concrete applications like large foundations, dams, and concrete roads among others. It is also ideal for critical applications including slabs, columns, beams, and roofing.

UltraTech Super is appropriate for use in all phases and types of construction. From foundation, footing, brickwork, stonemasonry, block walls, concrete in slab, beam, or column, plastering, to tile laying.

Yes, UltraTech Premium can be used for plastering and gives better coverage & finishing.