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What is Portland Pozzolana Cement?

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is produced by inter-grinding high quality clinker with a balanced chemical composition, fly ash containing high reactive silica, and high purity gypsum without deleterious materials. It is also manufactured by blending of high quality Ordinary Portland Cement with finer fly ash containing high reactive silica. These materials are judiciously proportioned in such a way that the cement has enhanced quality parameters.


UltraTech Portland Pozzolana Cement provides better workability, colasive mixes, less bleeding, reduced cracks, reduced permeability, higher resistance to chemical attacks, and protection against corrosion of steel, and gives a superior finish. It also provides high ultimate strength. This cement is also suitable for general construction work in all applications (RCC, PCC, masonry and plastering).


Advantages of PPC Cement

UltraTech’s Portland Pozzolana Cement is renowned for its workability. The spherical cement particles have a higher fineness value and move more freely, allowing better filling of pores. It also reduces the rate of slump loss of concrete, particularly in hot weather conditions. PPC cement also reduces bleeding with its low water content, thus blocking bleed water channels. 


PPC being finer in nature, increases its paste volume, leading to an improved bond of concrete to steel. The cement also liberates lime during initial hydration thus reducing void spaces and subsequently reducing the permeability of concrete, offering the advantage of durability. It also prevents the growth of micro-cracks in the structure, which increases the strength of the structure.

PPC Cement Grades

The grade of cement indicates its strength. Compressive strength is the most common type of strength measurement. It is advisable to check the grades of cement before purchasing, because it has a significant impact on the strength of the structure. There are no grades in PPC Cement. OPC Cement on the other hand has grades such as 33, 43 and 53. However, PPC Cement strength is considered to be equivalent to that of OPC 33 grade cement. It has a grade strength of 330 kg per sq cm.



Applications of PPC Cement

Given its highly durable nature and resistance against sulphate, water and chemical attacks, it can be used for the construction of buildings near seashores, dams, marine structures, underwater bridge piers, abutments and those in aggressive environmental conditions.


Because the pozzolanic material reacts with the calcium hydroxide liberated by the hydrating Portland cement to form cementitious compounds, PPC increases the impermeability and density of the concrete. It can be used with confidence in the construction of hydraulic structures, marine works, mass concreting, and so on. It protects concrete against alkali-aggregate reactions.