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In the journey to building your new home, the first step you will take is selecting the plot. It’s a decision that should be taken with care because once you purchase the plot, you cannot reverse your decision. We’ve curated a few tips to help you select the right plot to build a house.


Step No.1

With your family’s health in mind, make sure that the plot is away from air and noise pollution as well as traffic.

Step No.2

To ensure your family’s safety, your plot should not be prone to earthquakes and flooding.

Step No.3

The plot should have the provision for basic utilities like electricity, water, sewage and garbage disposal.

Step No.4

Make sure that your plot has easy accessibility to the main

Step No.5

In the future, it will be convenient for you and your family if your plot is easily connected to schools, public transport and hospitals.

Step No.6

Avoid legal issues in the future by making sure that the plot is free of encroachment or any other litigation's.

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