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Better ride experience with pothole free roads


Road connectivity is a key enabler of economic growth of the country. We have seen how improved road connectivity has in the previous decades catalyzed rapid economic development in the southern states and the National Capital Region.


However, mere connectivity is not enough. The quality of the roads is critical to harnessing the benefits of this connectivity in terms of reduced travel time, cost, and accidents, thus improving quality of travel and transport.


Unfortunately, potholed roads have become ubiquitous be it in urban areas plagued by dense traffic or in remote rural areas where the increased travel time disrupts the supply of key goods and services.


There is another dreadful impact of these bumpy roads. According to the latest estimates, more than 3000 people lose their lives every year in pothole related accidents in the country. This amounts to almost 10 deaths every day due to pothole related accidents.


To address this grave problem, UltraTech Cement Limited launched an innovative solution UltraTech Whitetopping Concrete. This is a simple, reliable, and lasting solution. Whitetopping is the covering of an existing asphalt road with a layer of Portland cement concrete. It has been designed as a high-performance concrete, which can be used on road surfaces where traditional asphalt surfaces have failed due to rutting or general deterioration.


Whitetopping roads with specialized concrete provide several functional benefits like enhanced lifespan of roads, low maintenance, better performance against heavy loading & rain, excellent surface drainage, and overall cost effectiveness. In addition, Whitetopping offers several advantages from an environmental and sustainability point of view also. Concrete pavements are 100% recyclable after the service life. Whitetopping saves 20-25% energy, as concrete surface gives better illumination reducing the power consumption required for lighting on roads.


UltraTech White topping concrete solution has been used successfully by several municipalities and city corporations across the country for developing pothole-free Whitetopping roads enabling smooth riding experience for millions of people every day. These include several prominent city corporations like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Nagpur, Thane, Gurugram, and also by various smart cities such as Belgaum, Mysore, Davanagere, Hubli, and Tirupati among others. UltraTech is working to increase the adoption of its specialized solution to help more and more people across the country to enjoy the benefit of great travel experience.