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UltraTech Cement Limited deploys floating solar panels to boost renewable energy usage

UltraTech’s integrated manufacturing unit, Awarpur Cement Works, has installed Floating Solar Photovoltaic panels (FSPVs) in two water reservoirs of 3600 square meter area, located in the mines area within the unit premises. 


With a DC capacity of 4.096 MWp (3.30 MW AC), the solar project consists of around 7600 solar panels. The project has the potential to generate 6,173 MWh solar energy annually. This solar power plant will help to reduce ~ 6000 MT of CO2 emission annually which is equivalent to the sequestration benefits of 2.7 lakh matured trees. 


The project has been installed under Captive mode in which UltraTech will consume 100% of the power generated. The water reservoirs were created as part of the unit’s water harvesting initiatives and have a total capacity of 1,10, 000 Cu. Metre of water. The placement of solar panels on the water reservoirs, will not only generate energy but also help reduce water loss due to evaporation by up to ~ 70%. 


The project is designed to minimise the impact on local ecosystems. It contributes to maintaining water quality and shading that can help regulate temperature. FSPVs have a positive impact on reducing the rapid increase in the population of algae known as algal bloom. Through this initiative of installing solar panels on water bodies for power generation, UltraTech aims to optimise land usage ~ 3600 sqm addressing a key barrier of land availability for the deployment of solar panels.



Energy transition at UltraTech

UltraTech targets to meet 100% of its electricity requirement through renewables sources by 2050, as part of its RE100 commitment. As a member of EP100, UltraTech is committed to double its energy productivity. 


UltraTech plans to increase the overall share of green energy in its total energy mix to 85% by 2030. As an interim target, UltraTech plans to increase its total green energy share threefold from its current 22% to 60% by FY26.To boost the share of green energy in the overall energy mix, UltraTech has implemented several initiatives including switching to renewable energy sources and expanding Waste Heat Recovery Systems (WHRS). 


As of Q3FY24, UltraTech has 719 MW of green energy capacity, which includes 264 MW of WHRS installed capacity and 455 MW of contracted renewable energy. Cumulatively, this translates to 24% of UltraTech’s current energy requirements.