Site Demo

The main objective of site demo is to show the masons working at site the correct method of constructing different elements of a building. A small group of masons, working at the site and neighbouring sites are invited and they are explained about the good construction practices and the literature in vernacular languages are provided to them. The demo will also include information on the ill effects of certain deleterious materials in sand and metal as well as adding excess water. The masons are taught practically about testing the cohesion of concrete using a simple field test. The field tests to ascertain the quality of sand, metal and brick are carried out at site which helps masons understand better.

Mason Meet

This program is aimed at presenting to a group of masons, the technical inputs from foundation to finishing, which enables them to maintain quality in construction and improves their productivity. The properties of various types of cement and its suitability to different types of work are explained to them in simple language. The interaction that follows the presentation clarifies the doubts on day to day problems faced by masons.

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Plant Visits

This program is targeted for engineers, channel partners (dealers and retailers), builders and contractors and also masons. This is aimed at giving knowledge on the cement manufacturing process - from raw material selection to packing, to the visitors. This helps them understand and appreciate the quality of cement as they see various quality control measures and quality assurance systems which are in place at the plant.

Masons Training Program

This seven-day skill building workshop is conducted for masons where the teaching methodology is a combination of theory and practice. This program is jointly organized by UltraTech and a reputed professional institution. Individual attention is given to each mason during practical training to upgrade his skills.

The workshop covers:

  • Types and usage of cement
  • Quality of various building materials
  • Different tools used in construction
  • Correct construction methods and techniques
  • A proficiency test is conducted at the end of the workshop and certificates are awarded to those who pass the test. This workshop is a platform for masons to hone their skills and thereby improve the quality of construction and productivity. This also brings respect and faith to the mason community from IHBs, builders and contractors.

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