Importance of Waterproofing

What is Dampness?

What is dampness?

Dampness is the biggest enemy of the strength of your home...

How does dampness affect the
strength of the home?

Dampness can corrode your home and make it weak and hollow from inside ...

Where does dampness come from?

Dampness can enter through any part of the home. Once it enters,...

Why are preventive solutions better for protecting the home from dampness?

By the time dampness is visible, it has already done the domage inside, and is almost impossible to get rid of. Repair or re-painting the affected area is not only expensive but also provides only temporary relief.

Hence, it is prudent to take effective preventive steps to protect your home's strength from dampness right when building your home. To ensure that your home's strength is better protected against dampness right from the start. UltraTech presents Weather Pro Preventive Waterproofing System, engineered by the experts as UltraTech research lab.

Ways To Prevent Dampness from Damaging your Home
UltraTech Weather Pro: Waterproofing Liquid

Benefits of UltraTech WeatherPro Waterproofing System:

Advantages of UltraTech Pro Waterproofing System

  • Better Dampness Prevention

    Better dampness

  • Better prevention from rusting

    Better prevention
    from rusting

  • Helps protects structural strength

    Helps protects
    structural strength

  • Higher durability of home

    Higher durability
    of home

  • Better prevention form plaster damage

    Better prevention
    form plaster damage

UltraTech Weather Pro Waterproofing System


Weather Pro Waterproofing system is a specialist preventive waterproofing system, for usage during the construction itself.
Weather Pro system provides effective protection to your home from dampness.

Weather Pro waterproofing system has two components:

Weather Pro waterproofing system: Component 1 - WP+200 Integral Waterproofing liquid

WP+200 Integral Waterproofing liquid

WP+200 is a specialist preventive waterproofing liquid for the entire home. Use it with cement for all mortar, plaster, and concrete-based applications – from foundation to finishing plaster so that every corner of the home has Superior Protection against dampness. Your entire home resists dampness better and becomes more durable.

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Double Protection of High-Risk areas with
Flex and HiFlex

Exterior areas like terrace and roof are exposed to the impact of weather and rain. Similarly, interior areas like kitchens and bathrooms are high water contact areas. For such areas, with a high-risk of dampness, use Flex or Hi-Flex for double waterproofing protection.

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Flex & Hi Flex: Best Waterproofing for Terrace by UltraTech
Weather Pro waterproofing system: Component 2 - Flex and HiFlex

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UltraTech Weather Pro Waterproofing System

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