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Waterproofing Coat: For Interior & Exterior Waterproofing

Rain and weather can have an impact on the exteriors of your home, such as roofs, terraces, and walls. Similarly, the interior areas of your home, such as bathrooms and kitchens, come into a lot of contact with water. There is a high risk of dampness seeping into the structure from such areas. For double protection in these high-risk areas of the home, use Flex or HiFlex.


HiFlex or Flex are a polymer-based waterproofing product that forms a long-lasting and impervious coating, preventing dampness from entering the structure. Flex and HiFlex coatings are flexible, elongating up to 50% and 100%, respectively, reducing the possibility of cracks and increasing their durability. They can also withstand high water pressure, up to 7 bars, which aids in their resistance to environmental conditions and high water contact within your home

Application of Flex/HiFlex

Flex and HiFlex can be used in all exterior applications with a positive side and on the interior walls and floors of wet areas in your homes. These places can be:

Benefits of using Flex or HiFlex Waterproofing Coat

Waterproofing your water tanks can prevent water from seeping into your walls and floors and ruining its structural integrity.

Waterproofing the foundation of your home and building prevents the structure from becoming weak, making your home more durable and dampness resistant.

By constructing your walls to be moisture and dampness resistant with waterproofing solutions, the concrete in the foundations are rendered waterproof and protected feom dampness.

Applying waterproof chemicals to the roof of your homes and buildings will protect its mainframe from rain, snow and frost.

Method of using Flex/HiFlex

Note: Before using Flex or HiFlex, it is recommended to use WP+200 integral waterproofing liquid for all concrete, mortar and plaster applications.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Dampness can enter your home through the roof, external walls, floors and even from the foundation. Therefore, to protect the strength of your home from dampness, get your entire home built with UltraTech Weather Plus. UltraTech Weather Plus repels water and offers better protection against dampness entering the home.

Unwanted moisture that enters the structure of your home is called dampness. Dampness is the biggest enemy of the strength of your home. Once dampness enters your home, it spreads quickly and makes the structure of your home hollow and weak from inside. Dampness reduces the life of your home and eventually turns into water seepage.

Dampness can enter from any part of the home. It can enter through the roof and the walls, and spread quickly throughout the home. It can even enter from the foundation of the home, and then spread through the walls.

Dampness causes corrosion of steel and formation of cracks in RCC, which reduce the strength of the structure. This makes the structure of the home hollow and weak from inside, eventually affecting its durability. Unfortunately, by the time dampness is visible, the damage is already done!

Dampness is like an incurable disease which makes your home hollow and weak from inside. Once dampness enters, it is impossible to get rid of it. The thin layer of waterproofing coat, paint or distemper peel off soon and do not offer long-lasting protection against dampness. Despite being expensive and inconvenient, replastering and repainting provide only temporary relief to you. Hence, it is prudent to use a preventive solution to protect the strength of your home from dampness.

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