Understanding a Title Deed

When it comes to land and property, basic knowledge of technical documents is necessary, so that you can go about your purchase process seamlessly. A title deed is one of the most important documents, and differs from a sales deed.

Legal Documents Required to Buy Land or PropertyTitle Deed


A title is the legal right to own a land or property, and a deed attests a person’s right to own this. After a buyer and seller reach an agreement, the buyer formally acquires legal ownership over the said asset through property registration. The sale deed document reflects this.
As per India's Registration Act, 1908, the sale deed needs to be registered so that property transferral in the owner's name can stand as legal proof. The sale deed becomes a title deed for the owner once the documents are validated in court, causing the two terms to be used interchangeably.
When buying land for the construction of a new home, the seller must present original documents to confirm their ownership rights over property. This helps to easily defend property
claims, typically with agricultural property. It also
asserts a complete chain of ownership in ancestral
property claims.
The title deed is needed to avail bank loans.
If you need a loan to construct a house post
land purchase, this ownership document
provides proof of property rights for
the said land. The bank can use this
document to transfer the ownership of
your plot and recover their dues if not paid.

For all these reasons, possession of a title deed, and a clear title to your property should be your top consideration when you're looking to buy a plot.

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