The right way to install RCC footings for a strong home

August 25, 2020

Your home must remain sturdy for years to come as it will house your future generations as well. To achieve this, it needs a strong foundation and the best way to strengthen a foundation is with RCC footings.

What are RCC footings?

They are Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) footings, and are made up of steel bars that act as a reinforcement to the concrete foundation, which bears the entire weight of the home. The footings transfer the overall weight to the ground easing the load on your home's structure. Depending on the requirements of the structure, footings can be either trapezoidal, block or step-shaped.

What are the steps for installing RCC footings?

  • Before installing the footing, ram the ground that was excavated for it. This increases the strength and stability of the soil.
  • After that, cover the area with 150 mm of concrete, creating a bed. This will give you a plain surface for your footing.
  • When fixing the reinforcement cage, make sure that its alignment is right.
  • Pour the concrete onto the cement bed after applying a layer of slurry to it. Make sure the amount of concrete used is based on the foundation size, and don't forget to do shuttering.
  • Last but not least, do not forget to do curing once the footing is set. It's necessary for building comprehensive strength.

Follow these guidelines to ensure that RCC footings for your home are installed the right way.

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