Mistakes during Brick masonry

Brick Masonry is a process where bricks are laid in a systematic manner that is bound by mortar to build a wall that will handle the external forces. Having the right brickwork is very important for the strong walls of your home. Therefore, for your home's durability, the right brickwork is very important. Often, brickwork is faulty due to inexperienced labour.

Use of irregular shaped bricks affects the quality of the walls.

Making the wrong concrete mixture. The incorrect cement to water ratio weakens your wall's strength.

If the bricks are dry, they can soak up water from the concrete mixture. This can reduce its strength.

Bricks are laid on a layer of concrete mixture. If its too thick or its not filled uniformly, it can affect the brickwork. Remember, joints should never be in straight alignment.

Lastly, insufficient curing reduces the strength of the wall.

These were a few things about mistakes done during brick masonry.
To avoid these mistakes, complete the work under expert supervision.

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