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Important guidelines for the safety of craftsmen (sculptors).

It is necessary to arrange for the health and safety of the workers working on your site. During the work, pay attention to these safety guidelines:


You can downoad checklist also in PDF format

Step No.1

Discuss with your contractor about the safety

of the workers; inform all of them regularly about

the safety guidelines.

Step No.2

Permit only healthy people to work on your site

and do not allow any outsided to enter your site.

Step No.3

It is necessary to do thermal check of the people

present on the site everyday. After reaching the site,

the work should be started only after sanitizing

hand sand wash hands after every two hours.

Step No.4

Take note that, every person present on the site

should wear helmet, gloves and mask.

Step No.5

Emphsize on following rules of social distancing

at the site and do not indulge in handshakes.

Always try to keep distance of 6 feet.

Step No.6

Fix one particular place for eating and it is necessary

to follow social distancing while eating food. There

should be an arrangement for clean drinking

water at the site.

Step No.7

By prohibiting chewing of gutkha, tobacco and

paan and spitting at the site, the dirt and diseases

will not spread.

Step No.8

If someone shows the symptoms of cough, cold

and flue, do not allow them to work and tell them

to get the checkup done by the doctor.

Step No.9

Must provide hospital and emergency service

numbers on your site.

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