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World Nature Conservation Day: Being Nature Positive


July 28th, 2023 : The world as we see today is changing rapidly with the pressure of an ever-increasing human population that is expected to cross 8 billion by 2030. Natural resources are under increasing stress globally. It is, therefore, imperative that we conserve and preserve natural resources. UltraTech continually strives to work within the communities it operates in to enhance its natural resources. Be it creating ‘Miyawaki forests’ for increasing green cover or nurturing biodiversity or creating integrated Watershed Projects, UltraTech has taken up several initiatives to conserve and enhance natural resources in our manufacturing units across India.


To be able to conserve nature, it is important that the biodiversity in and around the plants is preserved. To do that comprehensive biodiversity assessments have been conducted in twelve integrated units so far and UltraTech aims to complete biodiversity risk and impact assessments at all its units by the end of 2024. UltraTech has a well-defined water conservation plan implemented across all its manufacturing units. Zero liquid discharge plants have been installed at various manufacturing units to help in the reuse of 100% treated water within its sites.


UltraTech has reused, recycled, harvested, and recharged more than 85+ million cubic meters of water in FY22-23. UltraTech is 4.17 times water positive, in line with its commitment to be 5 times water positive by 2024. The company has achieved a plastic negative of 2.44 times. A conscious step towards reducing the plastic burden on the ecosystem and conserving nature.