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UltraTech surpasses its goal for doubling energy productivity


17th November 2020: UltraTech Cement Limited has surpassed its goal of doubling its energy productivity well ahead of its target timeline. This was achieved as part of the EP100 initiative. This achievement is a part of UltraTech’s commitment to driving sustainability across its value chain.


UltraTech joined EP100 in 2018. UltraTech committed to double its energy productivity from the base year of 2010 with the target year of 2035.


UltraTech has made significant investments in energy efficiency across its manufacturing operations, including upgrading clinker coolers, implementing variable frequency drives to manage electricity flow, and introducing new waste heat recovery systems. The company is focusing on globally emerging technologies, changes in product and energy mix, digitization, and carbon pricing. It foresees the digitization of its energy performance as a key enabler for identifying the best opportunities to save energy.


Mr. Kailash Jhanwar, Managing Director, UltraTech Cement Limited, said, "UltraTech firmly believes that companies in the building material sector can come together to step up climate action for meeting the global 1.5-degree ambition. Joining like-minded companies in EP100 gave us an opportunity to accelerate and scale-up levers to double energy productivity and also drive the decarbonization agenda. We are proud that we have exceeded our energy productivity target by adopting new technologies, tools, and processes, and it reaffirms our belief that we are on the right path for building a sustainable business.”


EP100 is a global business initiative consisting of a group of energy-smart companies committed to improving their energy productivity and doing more with less. EP100 is led by The Climate Group, an international non-profit, in partnership with the Alliance to Save Energy, bringing together major companies such as UltraTech, Mahindra & Mahindra, and Godrej Industries, and many more with international headquarters. 


For more details visit EP100 website at